Monday, March 17, 2014

GuitarPort Advantages

Guitarist can now easily record their performance on their personal computers by just using a simple gadget. A guitarport is used to enable the pc accept analog signal with more controls and low latency. It is connected to your pc thru a usb cable and it has a software interface to handle its recording  and save it to a music file like mp3 or wav. Guitarist before used to record their self thru a cassette recorder and you cannot easily play it back or you can't record with a multi-layer. You can save on guitarport from guitar center if you buy it from their website. So if someone you know needs this gadget, tell them about this post.

Formula 1 Grand Prix - Philippines

I am so curious about what F1 or Formula 1 racing is all about. My daughter Mickyla and her father are both fan of it. Mickyla, knows the names of the top racers on F1 and she even know what team the player belongs. Her top three favorite drivers are Fernando Alonso of Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing and Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes. Mickyla also knows the F1 Legend Michael Schumacher even he is not on the top of the grid now. On the latest race in Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia, they watched it together from practice, to qualifying and up to the race day. That was one of their bonding activity.

 Mickyla - Playing F1 Racing on PC

Mickyla and her father also plays F1 racing on pc together. They race with each other and they were so happy doing it. I am left behind and cannot relate on their activity. I want to know more about Formula 1 racing so I can join them and become an F1 racing fan too.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Orphan Musicians

We visited a orphanage last weekend, it was one of our church outreach activity. It was a well-prepared visit; pastor bought some foods and kitchen utensils for that foundation. The foundation’s chairperson let his kids prepare a welcome number for us. They have a music team composed of kids and young adults. Some play the guitar, violin, flute, clarinet and cello. A group of kids got my attention, the clarinet players, they only place their clarinet on a plastic bag. I was concern because they love their instrument but they can’t afford to buy a good case for it.

 Now, I will inform my other friends in our church about my plan. I plan to buy clarinet cases for their clarinet so it will last longer and will help retain its good shape. 

News Watch

As I was watching the news right now, I felt so bad because only few was a good news, the rest of it was a bad news or if not bad, it’s not interesting at all. There was this politician that as early as now he is cooking his plans for his presidency on 2016 election, he plans to have a new political party. Would you elect a presidential candidate that prints his face on some relief goods that was distributed in the last calamity at Tacloban? It’s your decision. I just hope that the next time I’ll be watching the news, there will be more good news than bad.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Jewelries and more...

After our church service, my sister-in-law asked me to go with her to shop for fashion jewelry. She will be using it in the coming wedding of her best friend. So after we had our lunch here at home, we headed to Abreeza Mall and one by one visited jewelry shops around the mall. Some stores had great designs but had great price too, and it is way beyond my sis'n'law's budget. 

We just roam around stores and after a number of shops we visited we found the one that suits her choice and budget. So she fitted it, and just like magic it was very elegant and so fit on her. She bought it right away and kept it. We dropped by a food chain to have some snack and as we go home she was happy because she got what she was looking for.

A House Wife

The past week was so exhausting because hubby is not around and I should do household chores by myself. From cleaning our living room, dining room and up to our kitchen. I am not new in this situation, I was trained by my parents doing those things but I'm just a human, I get tired. Hehehe.. Good thing that sometimes my mom visits me and help me on some of my tasks. Before we had a house helper it was a great relief but she also gave me a problem because there are times that she lie to me and asked a permission that she'll go home because her mom was sick but later I knew from her sister, she didn't went home instead she went to his boyfriend's house. Bad, because whatever happens to her, she's is my responsibility while she was staying in our house. That is why we prefer not to have a house helper for now.