Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Tuesday!!!

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I wanna greet all of you a HAPPY TUESDAY! Today I'm gonna get my big payment
in paid blogging. I want to thank SR, PPP, Smorty and many more for giving me such a good compensation. I love blogging! it lessen your boredness at home and you can express yourself.
Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm a Tutor

To become a Tutor

- is like taking care of another child as an extension
- is like studying again
- is like having long patience to your students
- is like creating unique style of teaching for them to understand
- is like having time and effort for them to understand their lesson
- is like a teacher..must know their lessons well..has responsibility..

Tutor really helps the children who needs attention to their academic activities..

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My "A" Poem

I ADJURE to God that He will give me a lifetime partner..

That is ADMISSIBLE to my family and friends..

My friend ADVERT somebody..

I think He is ABJECT.. because He is silent.

And we are AKIN.. and so what will happen to us?

I hope he is AGAPE.. so that I may know him well.

I want a man who is AFFABLE.. opposite to my personality.

ALBEIT I may sometimes ABSTRUSE..

I can handle someone..

Monday, October 08, 2007


What is your answer to the question?

- I like to be appreciated by others.
- I do not want to be popular nor famous.
- I like to be Generous.
- I do not want to be greedy.
- I like to be Serious.
- I do not want to be funny.
- I like to be a Model.
- I do not want to express my talents to everybody.

All I want is to be real in this world and be able to express my inner me..willing to say what I do not want to do..but still I cannot..