Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Tone of Life

It’s summer time. My daughter will have her long vacation this summer. She wants to enroll in a piano lesson. I hope her school is offering such lesson. I want to see her playing piano in their recital. I will be a proud mother to her. My niece also wants to study guitar lesson in one of the popular music school in our place. She needs to look for parker guitars first. That’s a very nice brand. We love MUSIC!

God saved Us

God blessed me. God pours many blessings. I returned it to HIM by giving my tithes and offerings. I’m so thankful God saved me from hell. I thanked for choosing me as HIS child. I saw PASSION OF CHRIST on TV. I’m sad and I was about to cry so also with my daughter. She doesn’t want to see JESUS on the cross. I hope people will be reminded of great things God had done for us. 

Thoughts Of You

Many people are talking about their habit, good or bad. They also talks about their hobbies. Men usually buy cigar magazine for they want to try other cigarettes. I think there are women too who loves collecting such kind of magazines. They want to explore what’s new in the big world. It’s better to try than to regret at all. The most important thing to consider in life is that you are happy with what you’re doing. No one can give you perfect happiness but only you. 

You're Not My Friend

It’s hard to deal with people who are not opening their mind to everything. They only think of themselves. I was hurt when somebody left me. I don’t know why she got angry or upset with me. I want to know. I’ve done my best in reaching her but sadly she never responded or says anything. Just be frank and tell me what’s in your mind rather than telling to everybody about me. All I have to do now is pray for you that you will be a good person even one day.