Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Musical Accessories and More...

I want to bought a krank amp at musicians friend and sell it here in our city because more and more musicians are getting serious on their gears and equipment. Like for example, my cousin spent almost 50,000 pesos or more than 1,000 US dollars just for his son's guitar, amplifiers and guitar effects alone. His son is just on high school and still starting to learn guitar but my cousin saw the seriousness and potential on her son so she supported it all the way.  I am planning to start a business of buying online and selling it here coz I think it will be a great business opportunity for me as of this time. As for now, I will start on smaller and cheaper musical accessories first.

Sea Cow in Davao

As I was watching the news a while ago, a sea cow or "dugong" was again spotted in the gulf of Davao. Before, I don't believe that it does exist but after I saw a documentary film about it I knew that it is real and has a special function in our ecosystem. Now, the sea cow is near extinction and a growing number of concerned group of individuals around the world is working to educate people about it. Many don't know that it has been hunted long time ago primarily because it is a source of food, it has a taste and texture similar to a beef. Also, it can be a source of lamp oil, their skin can also be a good material for shoes, belts and even a skin-covered boats. I hope many people will now be concerned about the sea cow.

Dream Guitar

 I was a music fan since I was on my elementary years. I remember watching concerts on television and sometimes live concert in our town. Even it was many years ago until now, I wonder why fender guitar was so famous. Maybe because of its nice built, quality hardware, great sound, etc.. And in my opinion the most saleable and most used model of them was the Stratocaster. Even if I don't play guitar, I want to own one but I'll be sure to have the genuine and not the imitation or fake ones.

Mom's health

Me and my mom went to a clinic this morning and it is for her regular checkup. At her age, it is important for her to be regularly visit a doctor. After several test done to her, we knew that she was suffering a lower back pain due to her many years working as a domestic helper in Lebanon. As her eldest daughter, I should take care of her and make sure she has a good health.

Her doctor advised that she should have a morning exercise everyday, she should do some stretching and walking. A drug was prescribed to her as a supplement to help strengthen her bones. Now, I now have a peace of mind because I knew that the pain in her back is treatable.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jungle Walk

My cousin is inviting me to their farm at Arakan, Cotabato for a camping together with our family. She told us that their farm was surrounded by a forest and it is good to explore creatures living around it. Then came up on my mind that if it will be pushed through, I should bring with me a Wildlife Camera for it to capture the new sceneries that I would be experiencing. I learned that most camera for outdoor is tough and durable so I'm not thinking twice to buy one for myself. I am excited in that said activity for we have not yet tried to attend to a camping or any outdoor overnight activity. Help me in praying that this event will happen soon, as she scheduled.

Cooking... cooking...

Cooking a food for your family is an exciting chore for me. My grandma gave us "lechon kawali" for our lunch last Sunday, it was so yummy and crunchy. Hubby ate a lot because it's one of his favorite dish. I asked my grandma how did she managed to cook the pork and made the skin crunchy, she taught me on how to achieve crunch when cooking such dish. 

First off, you need to boil the meat in water and mix it with some salt and seasoning to taste. While boiling the meat, you should check the tenderness of the meat. When it's cooked and it's in the right softness, remove it from the boiling water and deep fry each side to an oil. Be aware of the popping sound while deep frying it, it is just normal. When the popping sound is gone, it is most likely that you now have a Crispy Lechon Kawali. Hehehhe.. Let's eat now.