Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Talented Little One

I’m happy that my daughter’s school offered musical course. He wants to be a pianist someday. As a supportive mom, I want her to be a pianist in the future. I believe in her ability because she showed interest in her piano lesson. It runs in the blood for my hubby’s uncle is a musician. He is a guitarist in their band. He’s working and living in China now. His friend is planning to buy native instruments maschine groove production studio at musician's friend next month. I hope they can find what they are looking for in that shop. 


I want to take a BREAK!!! I don’t know WHEN I can take it. I always wake up as early as 3:35AM everyday so every afternoon I take a nap to have energy in the evening. I have many classes in the evening. I go to bed at 11:00 or 11:30PM. I can sleep 4 hours at night. It’s not ENOUGH! But I have no choice. It’s OK I love my work. I enjoyed teaching my regular students. I HOPE tomorrow I can go to the mall then TREAT MYSELF. I’m excited.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Make a Tune my Friend

Musicians play music through inspiration and admiration. How can I play since I am not inspired? I heard it from my single lady friend who loves to sing songs fit to her love life. I feel sad about her but maybe she chooses to have it. She never listens to us. I told her to try to look for korg monotribe at musicians friend since she wants to push through her ambition to be a singer someday. I’m here for you my friend to support you all the way. 

Big "I" attacks me!

If I’m alone I can think BIG! If I’m alone I can learn MANY things! If I’m alone I can DO everything. Is it okay to be alone sometimes? Well, for me it helps me think BIG and learn from it. I can sleep well and I can rest well. LOL! What an annoying attitude or behavior of mine. Insanity attacks me today. 

Qoute of the DAY!