Friday, April 27, 2012

My Romantic Cousin

I can say that not all men are sweet because some of them became bitter after the vow that’s what I observe from other men out there. My cousin is not like them and I am proud of him because he never change. Cousin became sweeter as the years go by. I hope until they get married his sweetness will not fade. I told him about the spark some romance with a gift for your girlfriend thing. He thanked me a lot because cousin is planning to give a surprise anniversary gift to her one and only love. It was such a perfect timing.

Lesson For the Day

One of our customer went back to us asking if she left her money in our business area. If there is I will surely return it to her because it is not mine. No one sees you but there is God up above looking at you. Honesty is the best policy, right? I believe in that saying. You must take good care of your personal belongings so that nothing bad or worst will happen to you. If possible we must avoid such thing to happen by simply taking care of your things especially if you have money in your bag.

EG Lover

Hubby love to collect electronic gadgets even if it’s pricey because he need it in his work as well as in his business. As a wife I support him in his endeavor. There is ritz camera coupons which fit to sis in law’s need due to she is looking for a digital camera to capture her precious moments traveling together with her friends. For sure hubby will assist her in finding the right one that has good quality and suits to her budget too.

Our Birthday coming! LOL! Last year we dined at Yellow Cab just the three of us. I told hubby I wanted it to happen again even if it will be late since he will be out of town in our birthday. We will be turning 31 this coming…secret! LOL! I don’t feel it. I don’t feel that I will be out of the calendar soon. I feel young. Many commented that I don’t look like my age though I am stress of course but there is still ways to overcome it and look beautiful.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tune it Up

Hubby’s uncle is a musician in foreign country. Last year he sent guitar for hubby and his nephew as advance birthday gift for them. Hubby is playing guitar since he is high school up to now. It runs in the blood. LOL! Bro in law is good in playing drums, perhaps their uncle will send ddrum Drums next month as what he had promise. They can create a band soon. I will be their number one fan of course. From that time my daughter will be their pianist since she is having piano lesson right now. Let’s start rock and roll!

Wedge Shoes Pls..

I need it badly! My old shoes will soon surrender. LOL! It is true. I often shop for shoes because I make sure I can use it all the time. I’ll look for it this week. I hope I can avail big discounts from some shopping mall. Gee! I’m so excited!

In a Perfect Time

I would like to have a pool party in our birthday. I and hubby have the same birthday, rare to find like that right? We are destined with each other perhaps. Soon, if we have built our dream house I will suggest having a swimming pool with an outdoor chaise lounge wherein we can relax or do sun bathing. That will be our next project. I hope and pray that there will be another big project for hubby to start the construction. We are constantly praying for it and we believe God will give it to us in a perfect time.

Just an Ordinary Day

Yes it is! I’m so bored here in our business area. There’s neither TV nor music that can ease our boredom. It is summer so few students were enrolled. Because of this, the business can’t survive the daily expenses. We have no choice that’s what business is, you have to deal with it due to not all the time you can gain profit.

Today, I’m not so bored because hubby bought my laptop for me to blog, surf in the internet and most of all to be able to log in to facebook. LOL!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Our Cinema

Two weeks ago hubby purchased a projector for personal use and for business too. We had fun watching movies there because we feel we are in the cinema. Undeniably, in cinemas it cost much plus you need to buy your snack while watching right? There is one thing we need it is wireless speakers in order to hear the sounds clearly just like in a cinema. Soon, we can build our own home theater. Its kind an exciting for us for it can ease boredom while you are at home.

Boring Holiday

Holy week is coming and yet we have no money. Whew! What a boring holiday for us. Perhaps we will have a movie marathon at home. It will be advantageous to us because we will not be spending much. Maybe this is not the right time for us to spend our vacation in other places. We will stay at home and have family bonding. That’s all! LOL!

To be in Tune

Today my daughter will be having her first day of piano lesson at home. She is so interested to learn how to play the piano. They are using the piano of my sis in law for the mean time. We will buy her own piano soon when she knows how to play it very well. Her teacher suggests looking for Hipshot Tuners if we want her piano to be in good tune even my hubby’s guitar. Well, let us see if it fits to our budget. For sure hubby will buy this one because he loves music so also with our daughter.

Our Unica Hija

Last March 25, it was Sunday. We celebrated the 7th birthday of my daughter Mickyla at Mac Donalds Matina. She is so happy with the party because most of her classmates and friends were present that day. Mickyla deserved to have a party like that because she excels academically. Though she will be our only one but Kyla is the best gift to us from God. We are contented with her.