Sunday, July 08, 2012

Music in Heaven

Music is one of the passions of my little friends in our church. They love to play guitar, piano, violin and saxophone. When I hear them playing, I feel I’m in heaven with God because the lovely music they play during Sunday worship. One thing we need to have in our church are jbl jrx125 speakers so that people sitting in the back can hear what they are playing. I hope my daughter will continue her piano lesson this summer because I want to see her playing piano in our church. I’ll be proud more of her so also with the Lord above. 

Thy Word is my Strength

We had our monthly fellowship last June 24. I attended our Ladies Circle and it was fun. Our pastor gave a message entitled Spiritual Deterioration which is a reminder for us not to drift, doubt, not to be dull, despise and disobey God’s word. My Sunday is complete that day because I am so full with the words of God that makes me more alive and kicking. Only the words of God can give me strength to go on with my life, no matter it’s hard to deal in this world. God is there for me, for us so there is nothing to worry. All we have to do is trust God and believe in His word.

Healthiness Thing

Undeniably, few of us are concern of our health. The reality is we are simply abusing our health due to vices that is hard for us to let go but if you want to you can do it. Every month I see to it that our health insurance is paid fully because it’s a great help for us especially in hospitalization. I’m happy for the good news that almost half of the bill in hospital will be charge by the insurance company. I thumb up for their excellent idea. A friend of mine share to me about the umbrella insurance which is very interesting. I’ll tell hubby about this when he is home. 

It's PIZZA Day!

Last June 23, I had a date with hubby. It was Saturday, my day off from being a mom, nanny and a tutor to my 7 years old daughter. Hubby knew me; I love PIZZA very much especially the pizza at YELLOW CAB. I missed it! LOL! We dined at the new restaurant that serves PIZZA buy 1 take 1. The taste is not that superb like YC but it is still yummy. I hope our next pizza day will be at YC. 

Friday, July 06, 2012

Cousin's Big Dream

Cousin push through her dream to wear white coats which is in short she wants to be a doctor. That’s possible! She continues her doctorate degree no matter if it’s hard and tiring. My cousin is determined to finish it even if it takes long years. I know she can do it because cousin is a smart girl. Her parents are very supportive to her from moral and financial support so also with her siblings. Through this, cousin is happy with her career right now. I’m happy for you cousin, keep it up!

Time Passes By

It’s 2:03 in the afternoon; I want to take a nap because I think will faint. Later, I’ll do it I just want to post what I have done this week. As usual I am looking for job online because I’m bored at home. I need money also for my needs and wants. Whew! It’s so hard to be jobless for a year I guess. But I’m still thinking for a small business that can provide our daily needs. I have so many things in my mind but I don’t know what to choose and when I will be starting such small business. 

It’s not easy! But I will never give up because I have a great GOD.