Thursday, March 22, 2012

Signs of being Old

Mom is old enough not to see clearly things. Because of this she needs to look for for eyeglasses wherein one of her friend bought an eyeglass here. Every time she wants to read a newspaper or magazines. Mom uses an eyeglass to be able to read it. Well, she is 50 years plus so there is no doubt that she badly need it, right? In the near future I may use one of it when I reach 50.

Answered Prayer

I thanked you Lord for answering our prayer. We are very happy. Even if this month is a busy one yet blessings come and go. We give back the glory to you Lord.

We prayed for months then God gave it. It’s true that if we patiently wait it will give it to you at the right time. This is God’s will, it’s perfect timing.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good news to share

Because of busy days I will be handling, I need a vitamins and food supplement to be able to survive for long days. Hubby need this too because he will travel for this month to far places plus he will be tired of completing the task. I’m not murmuring because this is a great help for us a great blessing for us. I’m so thankful everyday for this. There’s testoripped that my friend offered to my hubby. I made a research and it’s proven safe and effective. I will relay this good news to hubby when I’m home.

This is really is it!

Maybe this is it; my new career is to manage our business. I don’t know if I can do it but I asked strength to God. I started working last Wednesday, it was tiring though fulfilling because it is my first time but with God I able to perform my duty. I and sister in law did not know what to do. It was a cramming day for us but worth it because we have big sales. Because of that long day I slept straight at night. Whew!

New Home, new feeling

Our house is under renovation. Well it was sponsored by my MIL so it’s a great blessing. I and hubby are hesitant to accept their offer but it’s a blessing so we grab it. I found out that there is laminate flooring which fits to our room. I wanted to have a new floor of course for a change. I better search for the price if it suits to our budget. It adds beauty to our new home. All of us dreamed of a beautiful home, right? Even if it is costly it does not matter as long as we are satisfied with the result.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Poem of the Day

Though I’m busy
I’m thankful for this opportunity
For it knocks once so I grab it

At first, it’s not easy
But with God I able to manage it wisely
That’s the will of God

Because of happiness I felt I able to make a poem like this. I’m so thankful for these bountiful blessings. I pray that it will continue.