Friday, May 27, 2011

Yes It's True!

Friday is my favorite day of the week day. Why? The reason behind was I can stroll after my work because I have no work tomorrow. Every weekend I’m out of our house due to it’s so bored to stay at home for the whole week, facing my laptop five days a week. Because of this, I have pimples on my face by sleeping late at night.

Funny but it’s true. I saw acne on the back of my friend. Good thing there is back acne treatment available in some drug stores. Few people were experiencing this. It’s better if they will consult the dermatologist for their safety. They know what’s best for your skin.

Rainy Friday irritable because it rained this afternoon. The clothes I laundry were still wet. Grrr!!!

It did not rain! LOL! Expected to rain tonight that’s why we postponed our plan of going to the new mall in our place. We will go there tomorrow, strolling for the whole day tomorrow. My daughter wants to see it. It’s like MALL OF ASIA they say. Yeah they are right! But MOA has 2 buildings, more wide than Abreeza Mall.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

See You Soon BF

Hubby’s not around yesterday. I and my daughter were bored staying at home during weekend. Planning to go to shopping malls but my bf left a message that we will chat since we sometimes talk. I missed her so much. We talked for 2 hours I guess. She will be home soon.

While chatting with her, accidentally bumped to Brooklyn Accident Attorney wherein a friend of mine needs this. I heard her relatives encountered a car accident. I hope this info can help him. I’m still waiting for him to be online today so that we can chat.

Thank you Lord

My Sunday is incomplete because of the incident happen to us yesterday. A thief tried to get inside our house. Thanked God my bro-in-law saw his hand slowly getting our jalousie because the window is open. He hit the hand with a pillow because bro-in-law doesn’t know what to do. Truly God protect His sons to foolish people. I’m a little bit afraid but I trust God that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Because of this, we decided not to go to church. We are sleepy for it happens 3 in the morning then hard to go back to sleep. I pray that next Sunday, there will be no hindrance for us to go to church. I missed God’s word.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Constantly praying for a thing then hoping and praying that God will answer our prayers this year. We prayed so many years for it but we are willing to wait because God answers prayer at the right time.

Every time I passed by to some villages I can’t stop myself to get envy with those stunning houses. Some of those houses have its swimming pool, big lawn and fountains which are related to my dream house. What I will do right now is look on it then get the designs, right? LOL!

Missing In Action

..been MIA for 2 weeks I guess. Lots of pending jobs I need to finish right away or else I’ll be scolded by my boss. I hate it! I’m easily got hurt when somebody will speak to me bad words. It humiliates in which I can’t fight the feeling then self-pity will intrude. I’m so dedicated to my work because I love my work. I love learning new things, it adds to my knowledge.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Excellent Translation Services

Just this week I had a chance to talk to my affluent Aunt in Japan who is my father’s sister. Her husband is Japanese and she asks me a favor to look for a translator when they arrived here in our place. I want to volunteer but I’m shy and I’m not confident to teach her hubby though I can do it.

Browsing in the internet was the first thing I did in order to help my Aunt rapidly because they will be going home next month. While I was browsing I accidentally bumped at that offers superb translation services around the globe. Translia offers document translation services in cheaper rates ever compared to others. As a proof just click the button on the left to check their best rates for document translation then upload your document files for you to find out the total fees and turnaround time. Translia make sure that their translation have money back guarantee, willing to refund 100% whenever you are not satisfied with their service.

For more info and inquiries just visit their website then you will see the difference of their √úbersetzungsdienst from other company. Surely, you will be contented with their service.

I’ll relay this good news to my Aunt, for sure she will be happy with what I have found with the help of internet.

Our Simple Celebration

During our (hubby and I) birthday, we had a simple dinner at home with our family and my friend Darms with Mark. I prepared hubby’s favorite food chicken curry then the rest were ready to eat. LOL! I bought liempo and pancit. Hubby bought a cake from Red Ribbon. Gosh! It’s yummy! I’m so happy that day because many have greeted me in my fb account, very much appreciated. Thank you guys!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sharing Good News

After giving birth to her first son through caesarian section, she gained weight. I’m talking about my friend who had a hard time losing weight though she is working everyday. Friend tried skipping meals like dinner but still there are no changes at all. There is this new oxyelite that can burn fats, oxyelite pro side effects truly safe and effective that is now available in some drug store. Some of my chubby friends in abroad have tried it which means it possibly works for her. These will be good news for her.

I want a BREAK on MY Bday

How I wish weekend will not end! LOL! I must be crazy. Perhaps I’m tired and not in the mood to work tomorrow. All I want for my birthday is to go to the beach, unwind and relax with hubby and my daughter. It may depend on the situation; I’m still asking hubby what to do on our natal day. I have in mind that we will eat pizza at Yellow Cab like we did last year. We had a date, only the two us. Gee! romantic! In short, there’s no plan yet because I’m still waiting for hubby’s decision.

To My Mother Dear

Mother’s Day is coming! I’m thinking what to give to my loving mom. Double celebration it might be because her birthday is this coming May 16. A friend of mine suggests that I will look for unique mothers jewelry in jewelry store this weekend. Well, I have much time to save funds for it because I want to give her the best not thinking how much it would be as long as it makes her happy. I have 2 weeks to prepare. Good luck to me. LOL! Hoping mom will treasure it and keep it.

The Royal Wedding

Last Friday I, hubby and my daughter watched the Live coverage of Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate in London UK. The bride was simple but beautiful. The wedding was indeed glamorous that includes the outfit of the guest wherein women wore their elegant dress with hat.

Prince William and Princess Kate