Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Health is metabolic efficiency. Sickness is metabolic inefficiency. Nobody is totally healthy or totally sick. Each of us is a unique combination of health and sickness. And each of us has a unique combination of abilities and disabilities, both emotional and physical.

As we grow up, we learn that we are loved for our abilities but hated for our disabilities. This happens at home, at play, at school, and at work. Sometimes, this even happens with our doctors, especially if our disabilities mystify them or remind them of their own disabilities.

So, we try to hide our disabilities from people and from ourselves. This charade undermines our relationships and our self-esteem. We learn to fear society and hate ourselves.

Self-hatred is the most debilitating sickness. It interferes with our ability to seek and accept help. And everybody needs help. How do we free ourselves from self-hatred?

First, we reclaim our disabilities, whether society accepts them or not. This means that we learn to accept ourselves. Then, we cope with our disabilities. This means that we learn to take care of ourselves.


i ShOp!!!ShOp!!!

I'm so excited to shop this day. I wake up early so that I have a long time strolling and shopping in the department store. I withdraw some amount of money in my atm and pay my bills. I bought a new flat iron for my mom because her flat iron was damage. I unexpectedly bought our silver wedding ring because I grabbed the 10% discount offered by Fili. I also bought a silver pair of earrings and bracelet for myself. Gosh! It’s expensive but the price is right because I believe in its quality. I also bought a gold necklace with a heart pendant in a pawnshop for my daughter Kyla. I pay also my debt. I think I spend too much this day but I'm happy because I work for my money and so I have to buy for myself. Right?LOL!!!:)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

sHoWeRs of bLEsSiNgs!!!

I'm so happy today because my money was arrived tonight and it's a big amount that can suffice my needs. I can be able to pay my debt and I will go shopping on malls to buy clothes for our incoming Church Anniversary. It was a perfect timing because Friday is a holiday and so I will not tutor. Me, my daughter Kyla and my mom will be shopping the whole day..hmm..I like shopping of course if I have a lot of money. I'll go to the bank tomorrow to withdraw my money and after that I'll find a cheap digital camera but has high quality in results of the photo. Wish me luck!:>

Monday, November 26, 2007

it's a fact!

"To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing."

- Elbert Hubbard

This is true! It is because it creates gossip. And after that it creates trouble. It ruins your life because of the single word you say and will pass to other person with additional words. Until everybody will get into trouble because of that foolish message relay game you used to play. Just keep silent and have no comment to avoid glitches.

Sunday, November 25, 2007 day!?

Yesterday, I plan to go home but unexpectedly our faucet is broken and we have no water. How can we take a bath there? We need to wake up early now because it's Sunday so that we will not be late in our morning service. My hubby went home early in the morning with no enough sleep because he needs to finish his pending jobs in his office. He just sleep half day.

I text him if he wants to accompany me at SM to window!!! And also I want to wear my new pants and blouse..hehe..LOL!!! But he needs to change our curtains because it's dusty. I help him first and after that we go to SM..strolling and window shopping. Me and my bf Sweet will also meet at SM because she will give me her UCB wallet as her remembrance because she will be leaving in November 27, to go to Italy together with her hubby. We ate at Antonio's Restaurant. It's yummy! It fulls my hungry stomach but their food is quite expensive. No prob with my bf..she's rich!:)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007 for him!

Yahoo! I have no tutor this evening and so I decided to go to NCCC mall because I'm bored! kumakati na paa ko kasi wala na ako laag laag..LOL!!! I texted my hubby to accompany me and treat me a lunch. And so we eat at KFC. I like their chicken taste good!

After hubby wants to buy a silver bracelet because he lost his bracelet last 3 weeks ago..medyo may katangahan kasi..hehe.. There is no Unisilver there and so we try to look one at Filigrenasia. Wow! the price is so expensive but it's nice and unique. In short, he likes it! we buy it for 1.5k..and so I said to him that would be my gift to him in our wedding anniversary this coming December 22. They have wedding rings's nice! I said to my hubby that would be your gift to me in our anniversary..a wedding ring..because he lost it!:<

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good result

I received a bad news from PPP that I wasn't be able to log in to my account due to some reason. I'm so sad..I'll be paralyzed for a while in grabbing opps in PPP. Oh..I'm gonna miss PPP. I hope they will pity on me..huhu..

After my tutor, the mom of my studs requested me to accompany her to go to school to get a grading card of her child and then we will go to an internet cafe to assist her in her friendster. I'm so happy to hear from her teacher that Kanjie was on the honor list. Her grades were all line of 9..90, 92, 91, 90 and her final average was 91. I'm so proud of myself at least may bunga na din ang pagod ko sa pagtuturo sa kaniya. I hope she can maintain her grades and be on the honor list until in the fourth grading. Her mom was so happy for her high grades she got this 2nd grading. It brighten up my day after my sadness..Thank you Lord!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Finally, my daughter grow

She is smart and active

Finally, she can understand

She is listens attentively

Finally, she is now a toddler

She is very nosy

Finally, she start learning

She is a very keen observer child..:)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Grrr! Grr!!!

Grrr! since yesterday my cpu was in trouble. I'm so depressed because I have so many opps to finish. I have no choice but I have to go to the internet cafe to do my task. It cost too much. I will surely wait for my money next week to buy a brand new cpu. What a bad timing!:(

Life Quotes

" When we share the laughter, there's twice the fun; When we share problems, there's half the pain; When we share tears, a rainbow follows the rain; When we share secrets, it's our hearts we reveal.. And what draws us closer and makes us all care is not what we have, but the things we share. "

Kyla can memo..

I'm so happy because my daughter Kyla can slowly memorize their memory verse in John 3:16. They will have a presentation in our Church Anniversary this coming December 9. I'm so excited for that event! I teach her some of their songs at home so that she can familiarize their action song. I'm so proud of her because she is smart and God-loving child.:)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our Special Date

Glitter Graphics I say to my bf and now my hubby last August 13, 1999. This day was the day of our serious relationship and after 4 years we got married. I can't forget how he whisper to me that 3 words in a lobby of our school. I can feel he is nervous and kinda crazy how can he speak to me that words.. Now, when I tease him about that..he is shy and he will not listen to me..hehe.. I thank God because he came to my life and he loves me so much! I love you nget! Mwah! Happy Anniversary!:)

Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Alive!

Yesterday, I am not feeling well because my daughter Kyla has a hard cough. She can't sleep and me too. My poor little girl wake up early because of her cough. My sinusitis occur yesterday and so I take a medicine. I have headache and I'm so sleepy and so..that afternoon we sleep for 2 and a half hour. At least I sleep in a long hours so also my hubby and Kyla.

Now, I'm alive again. Busy grabbing opps..LOL!!!:)

Poem of mine

In this World..

This crazy world I live
I learn to laugh and cry
I learn to get up when I'm down

This strident world I live
I learn to be patient
I learn to wait the right man for me

This gigantic world I live
I learn to cooperate
I learn to be responsible

In this kind of world I live
I am not ignorant now!
I am clever..

Friday, November 09, 2007

Today is..

Glitter Graphics

Yehey! because I have no tutor session tomorrow. I can rest and do blogging. I can go to malls tomorrow to stroll and will do window shopping..LOL!!!:)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Thank you Lord..:)

What a day today! but a happy day because I got my payment from my blog ads job. It is really a big amount. Some of them I deposited on my bank account. I bought a cellphone for my mom because she needs it for our communication everyday. I bought a Spanish gold earrings for my daughter Kyla because I want her to use it in our Church Anniversary this coming December. Tomorrow I'll pay our water and light bills. I'm so happy because I can now pay my debt, nothing to worry now. Thank you Lord for this so much blessings you have given to me. I love you Lord. :)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I like this song


My life I give to you O Lord
Use me, I pray
May I glorify your precious name in all I do
and let me trust you in the valley dark
as well as in the light
Knowing you will always lead me
Your will is always right


I know God makes no mistakes
He leads in every path I take
along the way that's leading me to home
Tho at times my heart would break
there's a purpose in every change
He makes that others would see my life
and know that God makes no mistakes

And when someday in heaven above
I see His dear face
May I then be counted faithful
as a runner in this race
Now I'm trusting in the Savior to show me the way
In His righteousness, He guides me
as I seek to please Him day by day

Repeat Chorus

He makes no mistakes

* This is one of the song our Choir Members sing this morning. It's true that God makes no mistakes. God knows everything...just fully trust Him. *:)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I miss my hubby..

I am so worried yesterday because I can't contact the mobile number of my hubby. He went to Cotabato for a shooting of their Independent film making. I keep on texting him but he never reply. I keep on calling him but it's Out of Coverage Area or there's no signal there. He texted me yesterday at 11pm using his cousin's number that he will be going home tomorrow. Thank God he text me. :)

I just want to give this to my hubby..

Glitter Graphics

..because I miss him so much!!!:(
I LOVE NGET! Mwah!!!