Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Move on, Wake up!

Let him go if he comes back then you are meant to be.” That’s what I said to my cousin. I know it’s hard to ease the pain she’s suffering but if you will surrender it to God. God will be the one to heal your wounded heart. For sure it may take time to forget him but you should move on, life must go on. I suggested that cousin will try the Zyngle free online dating since she is single now. We never know you will meet your man in this dating website. It can help her forget the painful situation she’s handling right now. Stand up, your future is waiting for you.

February 1st

Myspace Love Graphics Quotes

Yeah it’s LOVE month! But every day is a love day for us not only in the month of February. Am I right? Yes I am! We should not only celebrate love month only. Of course you will not be happy if you are not in love with your partner. True happiness relies on you and your partner. Even if there are circumstances deal with it handles it with care to be able to overcome it. Let God be the center of your relationship then you can attain harmonious living.

Diamonds are Forever

Every day is a celebration, right? I am pertaining to lovers, couples and sweethearts. Both of us agreed to continue celebrating our anniversary when we are still lovers up to now that we are married because it is a special date for us. That’s the day we became honest to ourselves and the beginning of our love. Wee! LOL! Hubby is planning to buy anniversary diamond rings for us. I’m happy because he is thoughtful now not like before. Because of that I love him more and more.

Jan Wedding

Indeed a busy week has ended at last. LOL! It was a tiring week for us due to the preparation of the wedding of our pastor’s daughter. God showers so much blessing for them though the weather did not cooperate that day but the bride able to march in the aisles. The groom is very excited. What a sweet feeling they have for each other. I wish them beautiful marriage life ahead as they step on to the new level of their journey. Congrats RobJen!

Me and my bsprn Sweet

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grandma's Little Girl

Every time my daughter has presentation in her school. My digital camera is with me to help me record her dance because I want to have compilation on it as a remembrance. I’m glad there is youtube video downloader where I can easily upload her videos. MIL is always asking me to upload her photos and videos online. At least I found this one! Hassle-free for me right now because I can upload anytime I want. Surely, mom in law will be updated with my daughter’s event in school. Kyla is grandma’s one and only grandchild.

Simple Msg To a Friend

Are you ready to marry him/her? Well, if you say “yes”. Be open to changes and adjustment because every year is adapting each ones personality. You will know each other in your marriage years so be ready with it. No matter what happen, hold on with each other. Remember what you both promised to God, for better or for worst till death do us part. From the very start you choose her/him and prayed to God. Whatever happen he/she is God’s gift to you. Let God be the center of your relationship.