Friday, July 30, 2010

Maybe Someday

Honestly I often log in to my facebook account because it is destruction to my job. I am so busy this week, so stress with the new task. But I manage it by the help of our almighty God. Though consumes time but interesting. I learned a lot from it.

I heard that my brother’s girlfriend is planning to buy netbooks. She needs it in her small business, selling clothes online. Hoping someday I can do business with her. I can be able to build my online store. But I’m still waiting for the right time.

Happy and Excited

At last I have my brand new fully automatic machine. I will use it again tomorrow because it is my laundry day. No work for tomorrow so that is my only time to wash our dirty clothes. I grab the zero percent interest which is a great savings for me. I thanked you Lord. Next thing on my mind is to buy outdoor electric grills because hubby loves to eat roasted pork, chicken and fish. I’ll save for that because it’s useful to us especially if we want to have a barbeque party in our lawn. Gee! I’m so excited for it. I’ll invite my friends.

Kris tells All

Kris Aquino answers all the controversies. I like her because she is willing to tell the truth in her personal life. Even if it’s not easy on her part to share it to the public but she did. Well, good luck to her new show.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bro's Passion annoying because I am not a sports minded person not like my brother. He loves to play basketball in our village and in other places. Because of his height, cannot pass the requirement of a Philippine Basketball Association player. I’m his number one fan and mom too for whenever there is a basketball league I give time to watch him playing. Bro loves to watch atv racing nowadays because he tried riding it last year. Now he is planning to buy one but doubtful if he can afford. LOL!

My Preggy Friend

My close friend and neighbor is now pregnant. We are all happy when we heard it straight from her mouth. She is taking prenatal vitamins right now advised by her doctor. Friend is 3 months pregnant, complaining because she keeps on vomiting what she eats. That’s normal for a pregnant woman to experience the hardest part of pregnancy but I know you can overcome that. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to have a healthy baby girl or boy. Take some rest if it’s needed. Just obey your doctor and you will be fine.


I’m crazy watching MAGKARIBAL at ABS-CBN every night. I am a big fan of Bea Alonzo. The story is unique and I love it!!! Try to watch it guys for sure you will like it too.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Goodluck to You

Who can resist tempting delicious food in front of you? No one of course! That’s the line in which I always heard from my cousin’s bf. Working abroad is not easy for you will be the one to cook, wash your clothes and other household chores. Due to fatigue working up to 6 hours a day. They have no time to cook so they buy instant food in the groceries. He will just take nuphedragen before he will get back to work. I don’t think so!

I need this!

I need an automatic washing machine because I am experiencing mucle pain after washing our clothes. Though we have washing machine but still needed to wash it compared to an automatic one. It will be the one to do everything; you will just hang it after. I cannot do it anymore because I have work, so busy!..that sometimes makes me weak because of exhaustion.

Look for the Best

Perhaps my single gal will gain more weight after giving birth to her first baby. Heredity speaks to it from generation to generation. But if she will take my advice to look for fat burner there will be no problem at all. I knew her, she don’t care what her figure is. Even if we are married, maintain our pretty look and sexy body for our hubby’s eyes. Just don’t be idle but look for what’s best you can give for yourself, right?

Monday, July 05, 2010

This is the Reality

In our neighborhood there's a certain man who died because he is old as what I have heard from our neighbor. I never go to other house to chat with them that is why few of them are my friends. I am a home body person for I can leave alone in our house. One thing that came to my mind is their funeral cost because my dad said that another weeks to mourn for them. He has relatives coming from foreign country. Well, they can afford it's cost everyday if it's true. Condolence to his family, friends and relatives.

Sentiments of my Life

Life must go on though storms keep coming in our life. I am not good in handling challenges because it makes me weak that sometimes lead into a false decision. I pray to God that He will comfort me in my difficult times. Now I have mix feelings that I cannot express to my loved ones because I don't want them to get involve with this quandary that I am now struggling. I pray to God that He will answer my prayers. :(