Friday, August 12, 2011

My Best Buddy

Unexpectedly, I and my friend in US had a chance to chat. We ended late in the evening; I did not feel sleepy because we laughed. We had fun talking with each other, reminiscing our high school days. I want to go back in that chapter of my life because no worries to think always happiness together with your buddies. Friend mentioned about rv insurance because this was the reason of her being so busy this week. I told her there is no problem with me, I understand her. We will chat again next week, so excited!

Pizza Please

..taken after our birthday (I and hubby had the same natal day). I missed dining at Yellow Cab. I missed their pizza, so different from others. I’m thinking, when I can go back there. I hope it will be tomorrow because it’s our 12th year anniversary of being together since we became lovers until we get married. Hubby, please read this post of mine. LOL!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

We love This!

Next month will be September, it’s the sign that Christmas is coming. Children loves Christmas because they have plenty of gifts coming from their godfather, godmother and most especially from their parents. Just like my daughter that always kept on asking how many days before it comes. LOL!

By the way, hubby received Christmas invitations from his client. They want us to visit their place and stay on their rest house since they will be going home this October. I like it! Hubby will think it over because he has business to take care of. I wish hubby will arrange his schedule so that we can visit them.

I want a break!

Yeah! I want to go to Boracay again even if I’m alone. I want to be free from stressful life I have right now. I don’t want to spread more of this because it’s confidential. All I want right now is to be alone then unwind along seashore. I feel I have no time with myself. People around me make me crazy like thinking about what’s good for them but they don’t listen. It hurts me so much as if I can’t do anything for them to listen to me. Sleepless nights are kind a killing me. So sad, why they are like that. I did everything for them but they don’t give importance to it. I want to leave. Please help me Lord.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Face the Reality

Almost of us has our daily need that includes food, allowance and more. If you are married there are a lot of things to do and to list especially if you are doing food shopping to be able to complete the food of our children. Also to open our fridge full of food to munch every time we want or if we are hungry, right? But if you are short in your budget of course you will try check city payday advance the best option in times of emergency. It’s one of the advices of my cousin, an accountant wherein we also need other people to help us financially in a way we will strive to pay them. This is reality so we must deal with it.

Happy Yipee Friday

Friday is one of my favorite days of the week. In that day I can sleep late at night because there’s no class tomorrow plus I have no work too.

Then just this evening my sis in law and her buddy decided to turn on hubby’s videoke component to sing along to ease some boredom. I joined them and I had fun singing my favorite love songs. From this, I am relieved of the worries I have inside due to my daughter is always sick this week. I thanked God because she is fine right now. I pray that God will protect her from the viruses inside their room. Their room has aircon so the bacteria can’t get out that’s why almost of them get sick easily. Whew!

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