Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Save First

Having a car is like you’re taking care of a child. I can say that it’s costly especially if its need repair. Hubby is experiencing it now. Well, it’s part of having a car. I think he knew it already before buying such car. There are toyota factory parts available in all auto shop. Hubby needs to look for his car parts since it has problem when it’s running. It will be another expense that is needed to consider. It adds to our everyday expenditure. I hope we can save money this year. 

Rain, Go Away Please!

Do you like to play in the rain? When I was a child I love playing in the rain but now I don’t like it because it’s not safe anymore. After playing in the rain you will get colds or cough. The rain nowadays can be possibly giving us disaster like floods. Actually we are experiencing heavy rains in our place now due to typhoon named “Crising”. I hope everybody is safe. Let’s sing “Rain, rain go away never come back again”. LOL!

Let's Explore

Being a home based worker for many years challenge me a lot to stay longer in this career. Perhaps I belong to this group. LOL! I love what I’m doing right now. Aside from earning, I enjoyed working with foreign people. I had fun talking to them plus I learned a lot from them. They shared about InetSoft's report designer that is very helpful to all businessmen out there. I got interested with this new software. I hope I can use it someday. I’m excited to know about it. LOL!

I hate to say GOODBYE!

FEBRUARY is a productive month for me. I’m so happy because I’m reaping now. It’s worth waiting for. Everything comes at the right time though I did not expect it. However, I need to decide the right thing which can make me sad at the same time but I have no choice but to give up because I’m not happy with them. I hope they can understand. I’m just an individual who wants to earn a living for my family. I need to decide before the month will end. What a stressful week for me. I don’t want to say goodbye to them.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Give me One more Time

Being a member in a music ministry is not that easy. You must know how to play the musical instrument that your church is using. I want to learn how to play piano, guitar and flute but I have no time. A friend of my suggest that I must look first a Yamaha flute at wwbw then I’ll let her know what’s the best flute for me which is available there. I’m so excited to learn but of course I need to give time for it. I hope this coming weekend I can be able to attend her class.

My Godchild's bday

Last Feb 3, Sunday we attended the 2nd birthday of my child Vivid at Eagle Ridge near our place. Unfortunately, we are late because I overslept in the afternoon. We enjoyed the remaining games and the dance presentation of their mascot Mickey Mouse. We were able to take pictures of him. Of course, we enjoyed scrumptious food that they prepared. I’m thinking for daughter’s 8th birthday. They are planning to have children’s party in our place. I hope I can make it since I’m busy with my work. I have no plan yet.