Thursday, November 29, 2012

Looking for the Best One

Honestly, I don’t like the renovation in our house due to I am allergic to dust. I am suffering from allergic rhinitis now. I kept on sneezing, very irritating on my part. I hope it will be finish as soon as possible. I can’t take the dust anymore even if we are cleaning the house every day. Surely, it will be finish this 2nd week of December. MIL is planning to buy rattan outdoor furniture to be placed outside their house. I like it! It adds beauty to our house. I’m excited to go to furniture store this weekend. I hope we can find the best one that will suit to my MIL’s taste.

2 More Days to go

December is coming! It means the most expensive month is coming in our way. I have a wish list already and I don’t when to start buying gifts for them. Of course you need many funds for it. The problem is that I have no enough funds. But I’ll try my best to fit in my budget. I hope I can avail big discounts from the mall wide sale tomorrow. I have a work so I’m not sure if I can grab big discounts. Well, I’ll make a way for it. LOL!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

What we really want?

People want to sing and dance but it does not include in their talent. In short, we are not perfect wherein we can do everything because if God gave it all to us then we will be proud of ourselves. Even now that we are imperfect we are still proud. It’s not good. I love music though I don’t how to play any musical instruments but I want to learn. In relation to this I have a friend who is requesting me to accompany her in looking for superb dj speakers from guitar center in which she needed it in her job. I hope we can find one.

No Way, No More!

Why there are some times that you want to forget the bad past you had but still it lingers on your mind especially if you see people who are involved on your nightmare. I hate to say this; I don’t want to see them because it reminds me of what they did to me. But when I read the Bible, God promise that He will revenge for us. I trust God and I know his plan is perfect. I pray to God that He will obliterate it to my mind because it can make me weak and sad. It should not be because I have a great God. Thank you Lord. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stand Firm

Considering that you are new in your work, you should know how to adjust things. It’s hard but I know God is with me to help me overcome the challenges in this kind of industry. At first I am about to give up but why should I. I know I can do what they can so I should fight my weaknesses for me to be stronger whatever predicaments may come into my life. 

Btw, I saw some mold components in one of the famous store in our place. I bought it because mom needs it. That is one of the things why I went to the mall and unwind myself from all troubles I faced right now.

Our Little Girl's Wish

My daughter wants to have a new gadget this Christmas. She is much updated of the new high tech stuff. Well, it’s up to hubby because she deserved to have a reward for being on top 5 in all Grade two levels. Kyla maintained her high grades. We are proud of her. I hope and pray that she will always be included on top 10 honors in Grade two levels. I know she can do it, she’s smart like me. LOL!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Such Amazing One!

Obedience should be practice in all things because if you will do it then you will surely be in trouble. As a citizen we are obliged to follow the laws implemented in our country. I’m kind a serious! I experienced it, so we should obey because that can be the best step towards success. In relation to this I able to read federal labor law posters which is very interesting. I was amazed of its service. We are really living in a high tech world. So, we should deal with it then appreciate its advantages to us.

I love my FAMILY

Indeed, a wonderful holiday for us because we had our overnight stay at Mergrande yesterday for our Family Camp. It was fun and blessed by the word of God. It reminds us of our duty in the family. I surrender my family to you Oh Lord.

 Family Picture Cards