Thursday, June 27, 2013

Daughters Knows Best too

I think my mother should work out because she’s getting bigger. I told her to join with me if I will go to the gym maybe this month. There’s best plus size work out clothes in the shopping malls that fits to her. I will also buy one for me but I think it’s expensive. I will wait for a mall wide sale so that I can grab big discounts on it. I really hope I can go to the gym this week with mom.

Zumba, wait for me!

I want to join the Zumba exercise in one of the gyms in our place but I need to fix my schedule first. I need to buy rubber shoes, any which are durable. I and hubby will look for affordable rubber shoes for me this week so that I can do Zumba at home. I will watch it in the internet or I will buy a DVD.

Tune it Right

My husband’s uncle is a guitarist in a band. He was working in China for many years. He likes collecting takamine at guitar center for someone recommend it to him. Indeed, it was good and durable that fits to his taste. In regards in choosing the right guitar, he searches a lot before buying it and recommending it to the other member of the band. I understand his uncle even if I’m not a musician because it can be his investment. You invest money on it so if possible you must pick the right and the best one.

Yellow Cab this Weekend

Eating Pizza is one of my hobbies. I missed eating at Yellow Cab with my hubby. I hope we can visit there again and eat our favorite pizza flavor plus pasta. I’m happy that I can go anywhere I want this weekend so I can spend time with my family. I need some break! I’m tired during weekdays for I work hard. 

Btw, this is our favorite pizza. 

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Flood in Davao City

We had heavy rains yesterday night. We had power outage. We had no electricity for 2 and a half hour. I wasn’t able to teach. I’m so annoyed. All my class was cancelled. I watched TV, there’s flood in downtown area because of the heavy rains. Some rivers overflowed. Oh no! Be safe Davaoenos. Please look at this photo. 

My Sick Auto WM

Unfortunately, I heard some noise in my auto washing machine. I don’t know what it is but I need to bring it to appliance service to check what’s wrong with it. I hope they can repair it immediately because I’m using it every week. I can’t do hand washing. I’m so busy. It’s a great help for me. It lessens my housework. I hope that it will not be costly too. I have no extra money for it now. I spent much for my daughter’s school supplies.