Friday, October 29, 2010

That's My Hubby

Going to swim at the white beach this coming Monday and go home on Thursday. It’s our first family vacation and I’ll do my best to make it unforgettable though we never know that we can avail another promo in airlines. Still looking forward for another family vacation next year and I suggest to hubby our next destination. But before we will leave our home he needs to search for 5th wheel warranty because his close friend asks him to do so. Hubby is a computer wizard, expert in all technicalities. We are proud of him all the time.

Off at FB exasperate these days because fb is not loading very well. There are several reasons why it happens and one of this is the internet connection yet so thankful because it does not destruct my work online. Every time I want to view the picture of my friend, it takes time before you can see them. I better sleep or else I’ll be annoyed. myspace graphic comments

We Can Survive

These days many unemployed people are seeking job. One of our church members fly to Hongkong today to work as domestic helper there to provide her family’s need. We are sad for almost of our church mate have gone and went to abroad. If we trust God we can survive how hard life is today in terms of financial. Cousin is excited for her board exam so that she can start her career as a nurse. My niece wish to get management jobs since he is working as manager in a convenience store. I will pray for them to be able to get the job they wanted because I know their skill is superb and very qualified for any vacant position in their field.

No Water Again?

No water! Grrr!!! We are experiencing water interruption this week. It’s annoying because they don’t announce if there will be no water. I saw on TV and read the affected areas that will experience such disturbance, our areas are not included in their list yet we have no water right now. How can I wash our dishes? I don’t want to leave it because rats and cockroaches will make feast on it. Grrr! I hate it. No choice but to wait, hoping it will not come in at midnight. I need to sleep early because Kyla will have a parade tomorrow at 7:30am, so early!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What is it?

My daughter is a keen observer for every time she saw something new to her. She will ask you and you must answer her correctly. Kyla will keep the info into her mind. She has good memory so beware of telling her a lie. One day she saw a red spot on his grandpa and pointed out then asks her granny of what it is in the back of my father. Mom honestly said that her grandpa needs eczema treatments then it will disappear. Since Kyla is 3 years old then she just listen to her granny. LOL!

How Many Kids Should You Have?

You Should Have Two Kids

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“Hubby and I agreed of having two kids only, a boy and girl. We have our little girl right now. Early next year we are asking God to give us a baby boy. We trust in God, He will give it to us soon.”

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tired and Blissful

These days I must finish my work or else my boss will nag at me. I am easily got irritated so I better avoid such conflicts. I badly needed a work to be able to save some funds for our daughter’s future. We have priorities this end of the year that requires big funds. I’m thankful to God because He supported us with this thing. Because of sleeping late at night I have to search on how to remove dark circles because it will make me look old and stressful. I need a break! It’s fine because after this week, we will be going to a famous beach to spend our holiday there. Gee! I’m so excited to be there.

What Type of Beauty I am?

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“Yes I am! Simply beautiful because I make sure that when I go out of our house, I’m pretty! Once a week I go to downtown. Every weekend I go to malls or to my friend’s house. Because I am so bored at home, working for 5 days in 8 hours daily, very exhausted! I want to be STRESS-FREE!”

You are in the Right Place

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Where Are You???

Kept on finding a rechargeable battery for my digi cam for how many months, still looking for it! Grrr!!! I hope I can find it because I am planning to sell and buy a new one. I want to have it this week because next week will be our BORA get away with hubby, daughter and my friend plus her family too. I’m so excited to take a snapshot of God’s creation. How wonderful it would be. Though it’s costly but the happiness can’t be paid off, right? I hope next year we can have another vacation and can avail promo in the plane again.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Time For Sharing

Holidays like Christmas and New Year is coming. People are busy saving for family christmas gifts because their loved ones are expecting their presents. You have friends and relatives that are anticipating for your gift to them even if it’s simple and cheap as long as you give it heartily. Christmas is the time for sharing, giving gifts to everyone. Great feeling you will experience when you share your blessings to less fortunate people. Be thankful to God because He places you in the right track. Give love on Christmas Day!

New Blog Design

I want this one!

One day I do blog hopping and I saw my blogger friends who are changing their template. It gives me an idea to change mine too because it’s been a year since hubby alter the designs of this blog of mine. Hubby is busy so I will try my best to do it on my own. I hope it will be fabulous, attractive to my reader and visitors. I’ll start finding template next week.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Only Concern

It’s not easy to lose weight rather than gaining weight which is one of the lines heard from chubby people like my cousin. She can’t resist scrumptious food in front of the table. I said she will close her eyes in able not to be tempted to munch it also with her mouth not to chew the whole food. Double minded if cousin can do it but I told her to find reduce belly fat supplies in the marketplace while she is young and single. I hope this time cousin will listen to me and give an action to it. Let’s see!

Do People Like You?

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“Really??? Well, I am friendly because when someone sits beside me I talked to them. I happened to interview them plus get their trust to share their thoughts for certain thing. At the end, we will know each other’s name before we separate our ways. Funny but its true that is why I find myself FRIENDLY.”

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Surprise Gift

Bro is so excited for my Christmas gift for him. I am double minded of giving him brand new shoes since he has so many of it in his shoe rack. Cousin suggests that I will give him rocawear jeans instead of pair of shoes. That’s a good idea! Great savings on my part plus bro will thanked me for sure. Bro is kind a thrifty person but love to collect branded stuff. Is he a wise spender? What do you think guys? Perhaps, maybe or not! In fairness, he has savings on his piggy bank not a coin but a paper bill.

Peso or Dollar?

Peso rate is increasing compared to dollar. OFW are complaining because they used of exchanging dollar to peso into a big amount of money. But now it’s $1=P43 while on the last 2 years it’s up to P55. A great funds, right? sad! I am one of them because my boss pays me in dollar. Mix emotions to feel.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cousin's Scrub

Nursing course are increasing due to people want to work and live abroad. But the main reason of all of this is they want to earn big and help their family. Nurses are required to wear scrub suits and other medical clothing in which it is included in the hospital policy. Scrubs are becoming in demand in the market due to there are many nurses in the worldwide.

Cousin is a nursing student and soon to graduate next year. She is exhausted from her night duty in a government hospital. Now, she is looking for scrub that will fit to her because cousin is heavy weight yet she needs a bigger one. I volunteer to help her find scrubs online then I bumped at that has wide variety of scrub or scrubs offered in the World Wide Web. You can choose from their nursing scrubs, medical scrubs and hospital uniform in which my cousin needs for her next duty even if she will work full time in a hospital. Womens scrub is what my cousin need as well as in their scrub uniforms category. For sure cousin will thanked me for this because she can select between the 2 types of scrubs such as original scrubs and the new simple scrubs in different sizes, colors and designs that fits her taste as well as her budget because it is offered in reasonable price.


There is a time that I am bored and I want to be absent with my work but I think of my salary. Regretful to think that I will be absent for nothing, I will take a nap later so that I can concentrate with my work. My work is all about writing. Gosh! My brain is draining from words per words as what they call nosebleed. No choice but to do it or else I will have no salary. Bye guys, I’ll continue with my work. I’m just dropping by to say “HI” to all of you because it’s been a long time since I post entry in here.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Food Temptation

Gosh! I munch scrumptious food tonight because my friend invited us to come to their house. Today is her hubby’s birthday. Tempted to taste what is served in the table especially the deserts like macaroni salad, spaghetti and buko salad. Absent for my diet class this day. LOL! Gotcha! I found fat burner reviews that surely are the answer to my problem. Whenever I gained weight, I will experience heartburn- difficulty in breathing. It’s so hard to manage so I better avoid fatty foods as wells as sweet foods too. I thanked God, I found it!

Mrs. Lonely?

Lonely as I am because hubby is not with us. Blissful because he is in good situation since the place is not safe to travel with but I trust in God. God will take care of him. My daughter badly misses her father because she is “papa’s girl”. Two more sleep after tonight hubby will be home. Though she keeps on calling us, I still miss him. I pray to God that He will keep them safe and bring them home safe.