Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Real Me

People who did not have time to go to a salon and have their haircut; will look older than their age. In short, those people have a miserable life because they don’t spend time to pamper their “self”. It’s a big “NO!” for me because I am into maintaining my beauty and my body forever even if it needs time and money. I WILL DO IT and I will never give up! If there is an instance that I have fine lines in my forehead at the age of 40, I’ll surely buy an anti wrinkle cream instantly. This is me, I have no plan to change myself.

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And you make it as entertaining as possible.
You may be guilty of over-sharing a bit on your blog, but you can't help it.
Your life is truly an open book. Or in this case, an open blog!

My Thin-Skinned Aunt

Who wants to look young and fresh? For sure my widowed Aunt will be the one to raise her hand. Funny it was to share with you guys but its true. When I asked my Aunt about her age she said “Don’t say bad words!” To make her feel that she is not getting older, I told her that she never change in terms of beauty. Obviously, Aunt has wrinkles but I never mentioned because she will be upset with me. Mom told her to use prototype 37c because many of her friend have tried it and it’s very effective. In that way, she will praise you! LOL! :)

I want to SHOP!!!

I missed going to shopping mall and do SHOPPING!!! The only problem is that I have no funds, big funds for me to buy all the things I like. SHOPPING is my relief to boredom and depression. It can make me happy, so happy! But not now because I have payables that needs attention so I’ll better settle it before do a shopping galore.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mom's Happiness

Is it exaggerated or a good remark from mom’s friend? LOL! They met at a funeral service of a relative and were amazed of her beauty because she never looks old in her age. Mom in high spirits told me, no comment! She is using the best anti wrinkle face cream as of the moment because I am a dealer of a beauty product. Gosh! It’s costly but if mom is happy using it then I’ll just close my eyes of the price then save for it.

What a comment!

..just watching Pilipinas Got Talent right now. I sometimes annoyed by the comment of the three judges because they pity on contestant. Hey! This is talent show, no room for sympathy but look on what they are doing that is unique and the Filipinos will be proud of, right? Well, this is my opinion and what is yours?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

We'll be out of this

Funny to share that hubby must use hair growth shampoo because his hair is getting thinner. According to my research it happens due to stress and much thinking of everything. My poor hubby is having problem financially due to he has no project for two months. I know what he feels that is why sometimes I keep in silence and never asks in terms of pecuniary. Hoping we can cope up with this, I know God is with us. God will never leave us nor forsake us.

Top 10 Beauty Tips from Pia G.

I’m glad I found this beauty tips from a gorgeous newscaster Pia Guanio. Everyone has its own beauty tips so this one can help you and me. Please bare in mind that being beautiful depends on you!

1. Wipe every trace of makeup from your face. Wash it off!
2. Use toner.
3. Follow with moisturizer.
4. Get a lot of sleep.
5. Water!!!
6. Stay away from the sun!
7. Don’t drink or smoke excessively.
8. Work out. It does wonders to your skin, your body and your mind.
9. Eat!
10. Love to the fullest.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I am for GOLD

Yes! I am a trendy girl in particular with clothes, jewelry and accessories even if it is fancy but have unique designs. This evening I and my friend stroll in shopping mall and we found some fancy jewelry that is eye-catching to the public. Some are at silver and gold in different size and style.

If you will ask me which to choose gold or silver, I rather choose gold because it can become your investment that can help you in times of crisis. Just like we are experiencing right now, we need to invest for our family’s future sake. We never know what will happen to us tomorrow and on the next day. It’s better to get ready, right?

Talking about gold? I found a new site that can help individuals to think about the importance of gold. The IRA gold is known to be the decisive asset because it can be made into the form of money. Not only that gold IRA is resilient wealth that you can preserve and most of all it is the oldest of all. In relation to this many investors undulating their gold 401k or 401k gold because of gold IRA transfer. We all know every now and then the value of gold are increasing that is why many invest and even get rich in this industry.

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Back to Reality

..mixed emotions I felt right now. I am happy because I can spend much time with my family especially to my daughter. I am happy because APHI was satisfied with my work even if I’m 4 months working in the company. On the other side I’m sad because I will miss my co-worker. I had built good relationship with all of them. Well, I’m back to reality! I’ll be back for being housewife, mom and a blogger.

Friday, May 21, 2010

TY Mr. G

Page Rank amazed this morning when I checked my page rank in this blog entitled “My ePaper” that is PR3. Gosh! I did not expect. Because of my excitement I post it in the right side of my blog under my “About Me”. Fyi, this is my first blog. I had abandoned this blog of mine for a month because of my offline job. I have no time to post an entry but now I promise that I will maintain this blog of mine. I love this blog!

With the help of Robin Padilla, Wowowee's ratings go up

Robin Padilla is happy that popular noontime show “Wowowee” continues to do well in terms of television ratings after he took over the show 5 days ago.

“Lahat po ng ginagawa ko dito para po sa inyo… medyo bago po sa atin ang [pagho-host] pero lahat ng ito [ay ginagawa natin para] tayo’y maging masaya,” Padilla said.

Padilla’s hosting stint on “Wowowee" ranked No. 5 on Twitter’s worldwide top trending topics when he was formally introduced as Revillame’s temporary replacement on May 15.

Based on the television ratings data released by global research specialist Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), “Wowowee’s” audience share jumped from 18.1% on May 14 to 20.5% on May 15. The show’s audience share on May 17 was at 20.5%.

“Wowowee” also continued to beat its rival, “Eat Bulaga,” according to the TNS national data. "Eat Bulaga's" audience share on May 14 was 12.2%; May 15, 13.6% ; and May 17, 11.4%, figures from TNS showed.

Padilla said he is happy to host the show while Revillame remains on indefinite leave. He also vowed to improve his hosting skill.

“Pasensya na po. Marami pa rin po akong pagkakamali. Kapag pinapanood kong mag-isa ang episode, nakikita ko po ang lahat ng pagkakamali ko,” he said.

“Hayaan ninyo po. Pinipilit ko po araw-araw na malagpasan pa kung ano ang nagawa ko noong nakaraang araw. Alam ninyo naman na ako ay [a] man of few words. Akalain mo, ngayon dapat ay maging madaldal [ako]. Iyan ay mahirap,” he added.

The action star also refused to be discouraged by criticisms thrown at him since he replaced Revillame.

He said: “Opinion ng tao 'yan na dapat i-respeto at hindi kontrahin. Dapat nating ligawan. Bilang nagpupumilit na host ng ‘Wowowee,’ dapat nating ligawan ang tao.”

Good friends

Padilla has captured the hearts not only the avid viewers of the show but also of his co-hosts Pokwang, Mariel Rodriguez, Valerie Concepcion, Carmen Soo, Kelly Misa, Isabelle Abiera and Jed Montero.

In particular, Padilla and Pokwang have become good friends. The guest host of “Wowowee” even surprised the comedienne during a guesting on KC Concepcion's new show, "Simply KC."

Padilla said Pokwang is dear to him, which is why he wants to support her the way she supports him when he's hosting "Wowowee."

“Siyempre ‘yong pinapakitang suporta ni Pokwang, Mariel at iba pang ‘Wowowee’ host, kailangan ko ding suklian ng suporta,” he said. -Reports from SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon and ANC

Thursday, May 20, 2010

When is it?

..sooner or later I’ll travel to other places even if I am alone. I hope and pray that I can push through this year as a prize for myself. I am double minded right now because I have no extra money. But if I want to I can go there, still on my mind for my daughter’s schooling. I had a chance to chat with my Aunt in Japan and she told me that they have walk in tub in which so very helpful for her. I want to try it but how and when. I anticipate that Aunt will sponsor my vacation there sooner. LOL!

Pls Read this..! I said I need a coin purse. I wish someone will give it to me but if this month no one will give then I’ll buy one for me. One of the zippers of my wallet was damage that is why I’m begging my entire friend to give me, if you are not deaf. LOL! I don’t look on branded stuff and price as long as I can put all my coins there. I hope somebody can read this post of mine.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Missing my new friend

My new friend moved in other village because of personal reason. We used to go to their house to have movie marathon together with our daughter. I’m sad that they have left our village. One of these days we will visit them then watch movie because I like their Samsung HDTV as if you are in the cinema. I missed our chit chatting but we will constantly seeing each other this opening of class. I hope and pray that they are fine and at peace with their new surroundings.

"Hito" my fav fish craving for fried “hito”. That is one of my favorite fish in which our church mate is now accepting orders. One kilo is worth paying for, P160. I’ll text her if I am ready to eat, if I have extra money. If I knew it earlier before my birthday I’ll order 1 kilo from them. It’s almost 2 years since I ate those kind of fish, so yummy, really!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friendly Advise

A friend is your comfort. A friend is your judge. That’s what I want to emphasize to my friend because she is still single and yet so chubby. No one will admire her since she is getting older. It’s not good to be single at all, you will regret at the end. There is still time to lose weight if you want to, if you are determined. I hope she will try Lipovox as the mom of my tutor last 2 years used it. It’s effective to her, so there is no harm in trying. Well, it’s up to her if she will take our advise.

A Few Strategies for Creating a Happier You and a Happy Marriage

* Like yourself.
* Be yourself.
* Be nice to one another.
* Show mutual respect.
* Be supportive of each other.
* Agree to have fair fights.
* Each evening, share with one another three happy things that you noticed during the day. Talk about why these moments of happiness occurred.
* Both of you write down how you want to be remembered. Talk with your spouse about how the way you are living your lives helps or takes away from what's important to you both.
* Make a list of things that make you happy such as a sunny day, a hot bath, a child's laugh. Create ways to include these happy times in your life more often.
* Do a random act of kindness not only for a stranger each day, but also for one another. Don't talk about these acts of kindness with one another. They are for your own personal self-esteem and growth.
* Fill your own emotional needs.
* Compliment and affirm your spouse.

Pretty as Always

Many compliments I get from my classmate in high school every time we see each other in the shopping mall or anywhere. I did not change because I did not gain weight, still sexy! I am more beautiful now though I’m pretty in my high school days. Gosh! I am blushing! LOL! That’s me, I don’t want to look old but younger. This time I used the best acne treatment because I am stress, stress for everything. For sure my pimples will come out because I cannot sleep early, my insomnia will attack me! sad.

Saying Goodbye?

..just heard good feedback from my boss. I did not expect because I am confuse of his behavior. Sometimes he is good and will divert to something strange which give me an idea that he has unique attitude that you cannot predict. They said maybe because he is getting older so it means “bugnutin”, you cannot understand him sometimes. Anyway, I’m happy that he is satisfied with my work. I love my work that is why I’ve done well in my job. Sadly, I’ll be living this company last week of May. I’ll surely gonna miss my work here.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there! I’m so proud to be a mom to my 5 year old daughter. I know I did my duties as a mom, friend, and tutor to her. She’s growing with fear in the Lord. As a mom it’s a fulfilling though it’s tiring but happy of course especially now that I discovered that she is smart kid and has talent in singing and dancing.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom! She is the best gift from God to us. No one can replace her in our heart and mind. Though sometimes we had conflict, still we love her because she is our mom, our defender and everything. I thanked you Ma for being our mom. We love you! myspace graphic comments

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Happy Bday to Us!!!

Yesterday was our big day! Hubby and I had the same birth date. They said that we are truly destined, maybe yes! It is rare for a couple to have the same birth date but indeed we are!

Btw, we had a simple dinner with my family and hubby’s family. I bought a Chooks to go, ordered pancit canton in a food express in our subdivision and my father did cooked roasted milk fish. I bought a chocolate cake from Red Ribbon. They had the best taste of cakes in town.

I thanked God for giving us another year. I pray for more blessings and good health for my family.