Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keep it up My Love

Next in line is to look for prepaid cell phones because hubby needs additional cell phone for business matters. Hubby is a businessman since he graduated his four years degree course in our school. He was employed for four years, yet no progress plus the salary is not enough to sustain the family’s daily needs. Hubby’s skill is an extraordinary because he used to explore new things. Determined to learn new things then applied it. That’s my super hubby, so proud to be his wife, friend, partner and lover. LOL!

God will provide

..done are the days that you are selfish, thinking for your future. Today or as of now, my priority in life is to be able to provide good education to my daughter by sending her in private school that teaches not only quality education but it’s spiritually equipped. In that way, your child will be god-fearing. I told hubby that we should save funds for her education. It’s our responsibility as a parent. I know God will provide.

I love my parents

My parents are getting older. I make sure that when they get sick they are covered with Medicare plan because it helps lessen hospital bills so also with the medicines. Drugs were getting expensive of course you will buy the branded one since some generic drugs are not effective. It’s better to be ready or else you will be bothered where to get money for their medication. I love them so much and they knew it. As long as I’m alive, I’ll try my best to take care of them and provide their needs. They are my treasures in life; no one can get it from me.

8 Lists to Ponder

Things on my mind:

1. I’ll help hubby in our expenses.
2. I’ll help hubby in our new business.
3. I’ll help my daughter in her studies.
4. I’ll manage my time between my work and my family.
5. I’ll do my best to finish the household chores every week.
6. I’ll do my best to finish my work on time.
7. I’ll try to sleep early at night so that I can wake up early too.
8. I’ll do everything for my family.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Rest First

Cousin just resigned in his previous work due to some personal reasons that’s related to his well being. He was advised by his doctor to take some rest because he was stress. There are plenty of management jobs offered anywhere if you only find. I know he will be hired soon because he is a smart person, expert in dealing people or a team. We pray for his fast recovery for he wants to work right away. He is not used of staying at home due to he is a workaholic person. Take some rest first cousin.

Summer is Over!

Yes it was! But we haven’t been in a beach or in a resort, so annoying. I told hubby that we will go on night swimming this week since Kyla’s class will resume on June 14. At least we have 1 week to enjoy because during school days it will be the busiest one. I’m so excited but I don’t know where, still planning. I hope we can find one that is affordable but give us enjoyment as well.