Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Loving Grandma

Hubby’s grandma has two washing machines, an automatic and a manual one. She rather use the old one than the automatic washing machine because grandma has no patience in waiting for it to finish the laundry. Unlike the old one, she can finish earlier. Well, yeah she’s right it takes time to laundry in the new one but very comfy and relax for you will just wait when it is finish. I think grandma is using the automatic washing machine due to the old one needs repair. There’s an appliance parts store in downtown area near to SIL’s office. She will go there during her break to ask some suggestions what to buy.

A day with my Unica Hija

It’s been awhile since I posted here due to I’m busy with my new part time job online. It’s tiring but I enjoy what I am doing. I need this job so I make sure I finished it on time. My bosses were so good to me. Part time job will be much better than full time because you can have more work plus you only work 4 hours a day. I still have time for my family especially to my daughter. 

Last Monday and Tuesday, its holiday which means no classes so we ended up playing in web cam and do photo shoot. I had fun those days together with my unica hija.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Sounds of Life

In our church we have an orchestra, I love hearing them playing different music instrument. How I wish I am one of them. It’s their talent, they offer it to God. To God be the glory my fellow believers. I know God is happy seeing them. Soon, my daughter will be one of them because she is having piano lesson at home. In relation to this, there is MF korg arranger which can help the music ministry. It will be a great idea to share to them. As a member of the family of God, I want to share my knowledge too. In this way I can be able to help the ministry. 

Saturday Again!

Saturday Picture Cards

Yeah! This is the day I can rest. I can wake up late but my daughter kept on asking me about her things. She is used of waking up early everyday because her class will start at 8 in the morning. Kyla will go to school at 7:30 in the morning so that she will not be late. It does not matter because I can take a nap in the afternoon today.

I love weekend anyway!

Stillness to Peace

Silence means “Yes” they say but it depends on the situation. People will not comment or keep quiet because they don’t want to have trouble. They kept silent and never talk to somebody. Honestly, I’m not like that due to I want to know the truth behind it. I and hubby are very opposite for he is a silent type guy. Sometimes I got pissed of him for he never speaks up the truth. True enough we are unique, have differences in principles in life. 

By the way, a friend of mine mentioned about contactless cards that is very interesting for it is a great help to credit card users. I better listen to her first for more understanding in this matter. 

Glimpse of Yesterday

..or should I say it was the glimpse of my past. It was mixed with sadness and happiness but because of these I learn from my mistakes. It cannot be back so better move on to being able to step on the next level of your life. The happiness inspires me to continue life for there’s a possibility that it will happen again. I believe that it will come again especially the blessings that I received from the past.

Remember this quote 


Thursday, August 02, 2012

Our Lil Angels Wish

Last week I had a chance to stroll on one of the big shopping malls in our place. Every time I and hubby stroll in malls, we usually dropped by on stores that sell electronics. My daughter wanted to have a PSP. Well, hubby thinks of it first because it has advantages and disadvantages. As a parent we should know the good thing that can give to our child. In short, we headed to stores that provides gaming accessories to check the price if it fits to our budget. Perhaps hubby will buy it next month, it depends on his mood. Let’s cross finger my dear.

Action speaks louder than Words

Last Monday I was rushed into the hospital near to us due to difficulty of breathing or should I say asthma attack. Sunday morning I was coughing and I know my asthma is there bothering me but still I ate fried chicken from KFC where we dined in lunch time then on the evening I prepared soup with egg. In the evening I can’t sleep due to coughing until early morning on Monday I can’t breathe. I think I’m going to die if I will not go to the hospital so I decided to go there at 4:30 in the morning. I thanked God they have complete emergency facilities. They provide a nebulizer to help me in breathing. Hubby is afraid to happen it again so he decided to look for a nebulizer for me. I did not expect that he is serious from buying it due to its costly. He went home with a nebulizer, I’m so touched. He love me and he care for me. Hubby is sincere in saying ‘til death do us part on our wedding day. I love you Nget.