Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Your Files are Safe with Morelockers

Homeowners do collect home accessories to make their life more beautiful in the eyes of the people. Willing to spend much funds just to complete the things they wanted to put inside their house such as wall decorations. In their bedroom, they see to it that the necessary things were kept in a safe place. Indeed, bedroom is the secret place for important document that was stored up in the cabinet located in their resting place.

In relation to this, to be able to let your files safe and secure you need lockers. Even if there are people who are interested to get your things, they will not succeed because it’s safe in your cabinet. Well, if you are looking for the right place to buy the lockers you wanted. Morelockers is the best site to visit because they have huge selection of lockers for you to choose from such as School Lockers, Gym Lockers, Wood Lockers and more. They are well-known in providing quality lockers around the world which have gain customers all over the world. And for more info and inquiries just visit their website and you are free to browse their Lockers for sale. Selling lockers at affordable price with high quality plus durable that fits your budget.

God saved us..

Nothing to compare from the love of Jesus
He gave his only begotten son to us
To save us from hell

No one can do such thing
Only Jesus Christ our King
He first loved us, our first love of all

I pray that many souls will be save
Because our God is waiting for us up above
Our saved loved ones are waiting for us

Friday, August 27, 2010

TutorVista is the right choice!

Education is essential to us for it helps mold our bright future. When schooling, individuals must be willing to learn to attain good grades. It needs much of your time to be able to achieve your goals in life. Though for some people cannot manage their time they make sure that even at home they can study. Due to the advent of internet, schooling online was introduced in the globe. Many have been blissful with this good news for celebrities and elite people can now study online.

Indeed, online tutoring is increasing its number because it is beneficial to people who cannot go to school regularly. Their students were the superstars and influential people who preferred to study online. Good thing there is TutorVista which is the leading online tutoring company in the globe. TutorVista is offering an affordable monthly tutoring package to everyone for as low as $99.99 per month in all subjects. Providing free demo for first time user plus available for 24 hours and 7 days. Their tutoring packages include Pre Algebra, How to divide, Algebra equations and etc. If your child needs a tutor online for his or her math subject even in their other subjects, visit TutorVista now!


..so lonely this week because hubby is out of town. He is so busy but I understand because it is for our own good. We have priorities this year that we needed to pursue, family needs shelter. I’m thankful to God because He answered our prayers. Saving funds for our big project this year since our daughter has minimal expenses. She is a scholar; we pay half of her tuition which is a great savings for us. We continue praying for that because we need big funds for it. Gee!..so excited to move.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Missing my Previous work

I have a friend who is planning to have a new office in downtown area. She is asking help for me on what to buy for her new workplace. Friend needs furniture where to put her documents. I found U shaped desks that will fit to her office space. Many are using this type of desks. One day if hubby will have a branch in other places. I will place some of it; I have fond in decorating offices like my previous work. Helping my officemate to put furniture in there, missing it!

I'll be missing my BF soon..

Yes! We will not be able to see each other again after 2 years. I will miss her company for when we go to shopping malls. We enjoyed doing such thing that will make us laugh for the whole day. I know God is with her all the time even she is in a distance. I pray that God will take care of her. I hope we can keep in touch with each other even in facebook or skype.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Window's Decoration

Homeowners love to decorate their house inside or outside. You will see numbers of plants hanging by the window that adds beauty to their house. How I wish I can have my own house so that I can put some decorations I wanted. Every time I saw an elegant house, I got envy. Not to the extent that I will get disappointed with status in life now because it’s a big challenge for me to work harder. I know every individual are longing for it. Well, it will happen in the right time.

In relation to this, window box can be place near your window wherein you will put some plants there. The WindowboxPlanters.com has huge selection of window plant boxes. It comes in different styles and colors that may fit to your taste. Not only that there is also window flower boxes in which you can put any kind of flowers there. It’s very attractive to one and all. The most important thing is you put the right window boxes outside the window because it makes your home more stunning or striking.

Now I know that you can still put some decorations outside your window. When the right time comes that we will have our own house, I’ll put one on it.

Marriage ABCs

Abandon Selfishness and Be Open to Change

Bestow Praise on One Another

Call Home if Running Late

Dream Dreams Together

Enjoy Learning New Discoveries About One Another

Flowers Say Much

Grins Can Be Life Giving in Your Marriage

Hands are for Holding

Invest Your Time, Talent and Treasure on Your Marriage Relationship

Journey Together and Share Expectations

Know How to Have Fun Together

Love is a Decision

Make Time for Being Alone Together

Negativity is Death Dealing in Any Relationship

Obliterate Jumping to Conclusions

Plan for Passion

Quit Quarrelling Constantly -- If the issue is over 48 hours old, let it go!

Remember Special Days, e.g. Anniversaries

Share Feelings on a Daily Basis

Take Lots of Pictures and Create Great Memories

Unity Creates Joy

Vacations are Not Luxuries - Make Time to Re-Create

Write Love Letters to One Another

Xmas is a Time for Building Traditions, Not for Creating Tension

Yearn for a Great Marriage, Not Just a Good One, By Supporting One Another

Zestfulness Breeds Excitement

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Happy Hubby

Hubby’s prayer was answered because he needs a car for his new business. We have a second hand mini Suzuki van, just arrived this week. Although it needs some repair but still in good running condition. I suggest that hubby must look for affordable car insurance because we need it. It can help every time you may encounter unexpected accidents in the road. We never know what will happen to us today, tomorrow and in the next year. Much better if we are prepared all the time.

S A T U R D A Y !!!

..is my laundry day. Now, it’s stress-free to wash our clothes because I have my fully auto washing machine. It will be the one who wash, rinse and spin the clothes for a couple of minutes. I will just get the clothes and hang it. I’m so thankful to God because He gave it to me. I wash our clothes once a week only to conserve water and electricity. Good news that our electricity bill decreased. Imagine from 3k plus down to 2.3k, 700 pesos is a big savings. I hope and pray that it will continue decreasing because it’s a great savings for us.