Tuesday, September 20, 2011

For the Future

Age does not matter they say but it matters because when you get old there are many diseases you may know. Am I right? I’m definitely right. In that case we must be ready financially for our medication. The best option we can do is compare quotes here to see the benefits and cost. It’s a great help for you and for your family. Better think of it, and then get insured so that your family will not suffer financially. Someone offered me like this, I’ll get one soon because I’m still saving bucks for it.

Good Job My Dear

I’m so proud of my daughter for she can easily memorize their piece in their Sabayang Pagbigkas which was performed in their Buwan ng Wika last September 10, 2011.

Try to watch this video.

Very good Grade 1 Kindness. Keep up the good work.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Be Safe Always

Almost men had their own motorcycle because it’s easy to ride plus you can reach your destination faster compared to other automobile. But we must be careful and don’t forget to wear gmax helmets for our protection from unexpected accidents in the street. Hubby’s friends are using it because you cannot expect that the one on your back are good riders like you, right? It’s better to obey rules for your safety. Everything might happen in the street, good or bad.

Help me, Lord

Double minded to go to online business but my mind wanted to do it. There are things on my mind in which I can’t do it though it is easy. I want to rest for awhile and stop working online for a change but I need to earn to supply my needs as a woman and a mother to my 6 years old little girl. I’m praying that God will give the best, the best that I can do which is interesting and working too. Whew! It’s so hard to decide which to choose among them. Please Lord, help me.

I'm here Cuz

It’s not easy to be alone at home always and can’t think what to do to avoid boredom. Just talked to cousin and she is requesting me to accompany her since she is busy with their upcoming wedding that will be happening next year. I’m helping her with the document imaging since it is one of our services offered to the people. I told her to be patient because it takes time to complete the requirements but after that you can breathe well. That’s life! Her soon to be husband is working and living abroad. He will be going home next year for their wedding. You can do it girl!

Our Little Chess Master

My daughter is growing so fast. She acts like a little lady on her age. Kyla don’t like to play in a play house without her classmate or her friend with her.

We are proud of her for she excels academically. Now, she is interested also in sports like playing chess with her father. Sometimes, she wants me to play with her but I’m not interested. Kyla is willing to teach me anyway.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Christmas Gift for MIL

I used to collect jewelries even if it’s fancy as long it will not be itchy after wearing. MIL will be going home this coming December to be with us on Holidays. I’m thinking what to give to her or should I say my Christmas gift for her. Black diamond earrings might be the best gift for her since she loves collecting jewelries. I must save bucks starting today because I’m sure it will be costly. It does not matter as long as MIL will be happy with my gift.

Friday Date w/ Lei

..had a wonderful day yesterday though I’m having asthma that time because I’m allergy with dust. I and my friend Lei went to Abreeza Mall then sip a Frapuccino without coffee at Starbucks. After that we strolled at mall then dropped by at Gingersnaps for they are on sale. In short I grabbed some clothes for my daughter. It was a big savings for me. But I’m not contented strolling there because we only have few time dropping by in every stores there. There are new stores already in which we never have time dropping by there. Well, there will be next time.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Penny Thing

Every weekend I do blog hopping whenever I stayed at home because sometimes I stroll on shopping malls with my friend. While I was blog hopping I found out ach check processing a helping hand in terms of financial. A blogger posted about it, so unbelievable but convincing for it helps her a lot. Lots of us were suffering from economic crisis, with this you can build your own business if you are wise spending it. I’ll relay this to hubby for I am planning to have my own business aside from working online. We need to save more bucks for our future.

Think Wider

I have a new work, it was challenging! It adds to my skills as an online worker. Regarding my previous work, I’m so bored with it because I kept on waiting. At least now, I’m exploring I can learn more though it can add to my working hours. No worries because I can handle it. Adding to my task was spinning articles, it was fun. I’m enjoying my work now.

Good vibes for me. Think positive, think wider!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Learn and Love it

Schooling is stressful but if you will enjoy doing it then you will learn to love it. After that you will be working with your boss together with your co-employees. So, better study hard to get good grades and high paying job after. That’s our advice to my cousin since she is studying right now but soon to graduate next year. There are Podiatrist Jobs abroad that fits on her skills and abilities. I know she can do it for she is determined in finishing her 4 year course. She is a smart gal like me. LOL!

I love Friday!

It’s Friday! I love this day of the week because tomorrow I can relax at home or simply strolling in the mall and do window shopping. Sometimes I and my daughter Kyla stayed at home then we will play after that we will sleep. That’s the only time we can bond with each other. Anyway, I have no idea what to do tomorrow. Well, it depends on my mood. Good luck to me.