Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Singing Contest

A Christmas party was held last night at our village and there was a singing contest, there were several contestants that had joined. It has a 2 categories for Teens and Adults. Each category has 3 contestants, male and female. As I watch the contest, I was listening attentively and noticed something is not right. Though the contestants has a great voice, it doesn't sound that good on the speaker monitors. They hit the low and high notes and seems I believe they can sound way better it was. 

Later the next day I learned from the organizer, they used an ordinary microphones. There I concluded that maybe that was the cause of the sound not being too good that night especially on the singing contest. I told them that next time they should use a good sounding  dynamic mics and they can buy dynamic microphone at Musicians Friend. I let them try my dynamic mic that morning and yes, it sounded way better than the one they used on their singing program that night.

Kyla's Sims on ipad

My daughter Mickyla is addicted on her newly installed game on her ipad, the game called "Sims". It is like a simulation game, you have to have a character or person in the game which you will be managing. You have a complete control over your character or characters if you have a number of person in your game profile.  You are oblige to take care of your character from their food, education, shelter, feelings and all other needs of a person. It is like having a virtual world. I hope that playing this game would not affect my daughters grades in school.