Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When and Where?

What a sunny Wednesday it is, very hot. I want to go to the beach to swim and breathe fresh air while walking in the white sand. When will it happen? Hubby is so busy with his new project. He has no time to treat us, so annoying!

Sunny day has many diseases to expect like skin allergies like eczema. To know more about this ailment gives a one click at now. Even a sore eyes and chicken pox are present and you will get infected if you have low immune system. Vitamin C is needed to prevent such diseases.

God is Bigger than That

God is bigger than our problem so we should not worry because it is part of our life. God will never give us a problem that we cannot solve. It is a trial or a reminder when times we forget God. Praying is one way of having communication to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We should not forget to pray at day, noon, evening and the entire day.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3 Months to go!

My HS friends are organizing a reunion this coming December. For how many years we can have a get-together at last. Hoping there will be no hindrance or excuses that will be heard from my colleagues. Though this month is a busy months but considering that it happens once in a blue moon so better be present in that special day to be able to mingle with them.

Unexpectedly, I saw my classmate in a food store and I told her about the upcoming reunion. Classmate confirmed that she will be there. She was amazed of me because I able to maintain my body figure. Honestly, she gained weight even if she has no child yet. Perhaps she need read a weight loss success stories because it’s truly safe and effective.

Saddest Moment of my Life when my daughter was hospitalized because of pneumonia. Kyla is one year old that time very young to admit in the hospital. We rushed her into the hospital because she had a convulsion. Her eyes were all white and her finger nails became violet. As if she is not breathing at all. It was first time to experience Kyla having seizure in which she inherits from me. I pray that God will always give her good health because I don’t want to experience it again.

Problem Resolve

Mom advised me to eat the right kind of food at the right time because I finished my work so late. There are instances that I tend to forget eating my lunch due to I want to be done earlier. For me it is an advantage because I can’t eat much rice but not advisable for there is possibility that I can have ulcer. I will listen to mom and never be worried whether I gained weight or not because there is dietary supplements that are truly safe and effective. Well, this is the best solution I found when time comes that I feel heavy.

Craving for Pizza or Carbonara

I hate pizza but now I love its taste but I don’t like eating onions and green pepper. Whenever hubby and I will go out to have dinner, I suggest dining in the pizza restaurant. If I don’t like their pizza I opt to eating pastas like spaghetti, carbonara and macaroni. While I am posting this one, imagining munching a carbonara at shakeys. I hope we can get back there. LOL!

Hubby's Next Thing

Hubby is a picky person. All of his shirts were white and few of it was block. Often wear formal clothes because he is not comfortable to fit it. I understand because he is a silent guy and never socialized with other people. Now, he has new toy to take care of and I am referring to our mini van. Hubby is busy with his new projects today as well as looking for car insurance policy. It is beneficial to him especially in times when you encounter any unexpected accidents at least you are ready for it. Considering it is part of your journey when you have a car, right?

Message from God

... that you are perfect as you are. God doesn't create faulty life. No. Everything created by God is perfect, and so are you. So stop driving yourself mad with endless ways to improve, and just accept the glory of your being as is.

This is God’s message to me today. I am thankful that God made me perfectly. God made us perfectly and completely.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just Eat

Holiday is approaching since we are September. Next week will be October, as fast as it is. People for sure will be busy buying gifts for their loved ones. Some individuals will be thinking in advance on what to prepare this coming holiday. Favorite food will be served in the table during that special event. Of course no one can snob it because it’s tempting that entice everyone to eat those mouth-watering food in front of them. Worry no more because you can now buy diet pills online in the comfort of your home. By January you can pursue your diet plan, right?

I am Ms. Lonely

Nothing puts in my mind. I think I’m neither deaf nor blind today. I don’t know why. I am just empty, feeling so empty. I’m not with myself today. My brain is empty. Am I lonely? Maybe because hubby is out of town and he will be back on Wednesday. I pray for their safety as well as their way home. No choice but to accept the situation because it is part of his business. Still happy because my daughter is with me though we are incomplete yet it happens just for awhile.

Friday, September 17, 2010

December is coming!

Our 7th wedding anniversary is fast approaching. I am thinking of what to prepare for that day because it is a special day for both of us. Reading some blogs on what to be the best gift I can give to hubby. Hubby is a simple man for whatever you will give to him he will appreciate it. A romantic gifts for your hubby is what I found and now I know what present I will give to hubby for our wedding anniversary this coming December. Wishing for more years to come! I’m praying that God will always be the center of our relationship. I love you hubby.


The Hyper Dictionary gives the meaning of "discipline":

1. training to improve strength or self-control
2. the act of punishing
3. the trait of being well behaved
4. a system of rules of conduct or method of practice
5. a branch of knowledge
6. punish in order to gain control or enforce obedience
7. train by instruction and practice; esp. to teach self-control

* Just like my daughter Kyla. I sometimes punish her when she is hard headed. But after I punish her I let her understand that I am not angry with her but the bad things she has done. I will tell her not to do that again. I love her and so I want the best for her. It helps her identify what is right and wrong. It is written in the Bible that we should train them so that they will not depart from it. I am happy that my daughter is smart she can understand easily what I am telling her. *

Friday, September 10, 2010

Preparing for Family Vacation

Our November get away is coming. We are excited because it will be our first time family vacation in a famous beach. Days pass so quickly in which I need to be ready of our outfit and the things needed for that fabulous trip. I am thinking of a Cyber Monday because I need a new digital camera to capture our moments that day. Hubby is planning to buy new gadgets as Christmas gift to himself. Gosh! It’s so costly but its fine as long as you are happy, right? We deserve what we want for we work hard for it. Correct! LOL!Pre

New Business

Yes, I am planning for an online business like selling pre-owned clothes of ours plus “ukay-ukay”. I started posting some of my clothes that I did not use anymore but looks new. By the grace of God, some of it was sold to my new friends in facebook.

I’m planning to post the pre-owned clothes of my daughter that are branded. I will take photos of it maybe this week because I’m still busy fixing it.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Hubby's Collection

Hubby loves to collect electronic gadgets. I sometimes disagree because it is costly but he used it in our business. Whenever I want to buy gadgets like cellphones, digital cameras and video cameras, I’ll ask hubby first. He is expert in choosing the best stuff whether it is expensive or not. These days I noticed that he is interested in buying the 1U rack mount in the internet. I need to support him because I have a request something pricey. LOL! Hoping she will give it to me as his advance Christmas gift. I’m expecting my hubby that you will give it to me. I know you will.

I Love Weekend!

Yes! I love weekend because I can go anywhere I want. During weekend I go to downtown and meet my friends for sometimes. Even if I have no money I go outside the house to see what’s new in it. I work at home and no one to see but my family. Sometimes I get bored and wanted to unwind. Now, I went to downtown and pay our bills. Gosh! It’s so hot outside. It’s fine because I enjoyed strolling in the street. LOL!