Monday, April 25, 2011

Boring Long Weekend

Last week was a boring week for me because hubby is so slow in making a decision. I’m planning to go to the beach and we will have an overnight stay there but not in our place for I knew numerous people were there since its Holiday. We went to 5 beach resorts the two were close last Friday and the other 3 was no available rooms for overnight stay. I’m so pissed of so what I did was had a movie marathon with my daughter. Then after that browse in the internet, looking for an airline promo this summer but unfortunately I did not find any. Whew! I accidentally bumped at cohiba cigars for sale wherein the favorite cigarette of my long lost grandpa. Started to reminisce our bonding together with my other cousins, so sad but I know HE is in God’s hand right now. See you soon my loving grandpa.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bills are Coming!

Whew! We will be saving for funds to pay all our bills. Every end of the month struggles us for it is our responsibilities to pay our bills since we are utilizing it everyday especially the light and water. Other bills will be an internet provider, CC and more. At least I’m paid with our auto washing machine. Next in line would be to have an LCD TV that hubby is longing for but not this time. Our priority is the education of our daughter in which she will be schooling in an exclusive school in our place that means expensive tuition fee to pay every month compared to her previous school. I know God will help us because HE is our good provider.

Friday, April 15, 2011

My New Godchild

Last Sunday I attended the dedication of our friend’s son. She made me one of the godmother to her son. I’m confusing what to give to my new godchild because there are plenty of new baby gifts available in shopping mall offers in affordable price. After all, I bought him a polo shirt partnered with shorts. Double minded of the size because I’m not expert on it then I was surprised when I saw him. He is a chubby baby boy, thinking if it fits to him. I asked his mom, thanked God it fits to him. I requested my friend to take photo if he will wear it.

Pizza Party happy in times you are appreciated much especially your boss and because of that we will have a pizza party tonight or tomorrow. Everyone’s excited for the pizza to arrive straight to their door. It will be a yummy Friday or Saturday. I’m planning to dine at yellow cab or pizza hut even at Shakeys. It depends on me but hubby prefers to eat at Yellow Cab. Let’s see! At the end I’ll be the one to choose because it’s mine. LOL!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scrubs For Women at BlueSkyScrubs

Several nurse students had passed the examination board last year. One of those studs is my cousin; she is a registered nurse right now. We are so happy for her because this is the beginning of her success. I witnessed her hardship upon taking this exam board, from stress to financial she be able to deal with it. She deserves this success. We are so proud of her. I encourage her to continue her dream until she can achieve it.

As my gift to her I’ll give her nursing scrubs because she will be starting serving one of the private hospitals in our place very soon. I found it at wherein they have plenty of nursing uniforms for sale online. You can find cheap scrubs here that will surely fit your finances. Adding to it is they also have scrub pants in different designs that will surely suit to your taste. With variety of color you may choose what you want. So better visit their website to see more of their scrub suit. Online users are buying in this web store since it is affordable and made of quality materials.

Asthma Attack!

These past few days I had a hard time managing myself because I have allergies. Every morning I am sneezing which is irritating then now I have asthma. What happen to me? Perhaps I need to clean our entire house but I can’t do it because I’m allergic to dust. Even if I am wiping and sweeping the floor after that I’ll be sneezing. A friend told me it’s because of the weather it changes every now and then. It’s hot in the day time then it will rain at night time. Oh my gosh!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Wedding Bells

Cousin will be getting married soon; it will be early next year. I will be her maid of honor. It’s my second time to be a secondary sponsor; it does not matter if I’m married because in US they practice this one. Gee! I’m excited to wear a gown again. Her fiancĂ© asks help from me on where to buy engagement ring for my beautiful cousin. The natalie portman’s engagement ring best fit on my cousins finger for sure. It’s our secret in order to surprise the soon to be bride.


As of the moment I’m sad and worried. Why? I better keep it by myself as of now because it’s confidential. Soon, I can get over of this dilemma. I know God will answer my prayers. To overcome my boredom I just open my fb account and view profiles and photos of my friends because it helps me forget my problem even for a while, for a minute. Thinking of a solution but I can’t find it. I better wait for God’s answer.

Our Plan

Next month will be our birthday, bro, I and hubby and mom. Planning to give my mom a unique engraved birthday presents for a change since I and bro always gave her clothes and shoes. Her birthday is coming so we need to save for it. We want our mom to be happy on her natal day by simply treating her in a fabulous restaurant in our place aside from giving her a birthday present. We thanked God for giving her good health and blessed life. No one compares her love towards us.

Kyla's Complain

I need to go to the grocery for food shopping. My poor daughter is complaining she said “Mom, I have no food” with sad face. I told her just wait because later this afternoon we will go to convenience store and we will buy your snacks. She smiled at me then continues looking for food in the ref. LOL! Since its summer she has nothing to do but to eat, sleep, play and study. What a life you have my dear. I hope I can also experience that life you have right now. LOL!