Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tune of Life

Hubby is a music lover. It runs in the family since his uncle is a musician. He works in a club in China. He is a guitarist in their band. Hubby plays his guitar especially during free time. He knows how to sing in fairness. LOL! 

My brother is a music lover too but the music doesn’t love him. LOL! He bought a new exciting celestion vintage 30 in an electronic store in the shopping mall. Brother is willing to spend much in gadgets and electronics because it can ease his exhaustion from traveling to other places. We need to pamper ourselves too. 

Soothing Friday Morning

I always have morning class schedule with some of my students then after that I can’t go back to sleep for I need to prepare my daughter’s breakfast. I decided to walk from our house up to Phase 1 of our subdivision. We bought “pandesal” then drink coffee at home after walking. It was such as good exercise for us. I hope I can maintain it. I hope I always have early morning class with my students. I want to lose weight after the holiday. I can’t resist the scrumptious food last month. LOL!

Friday, January 11, 2013

I'll Get it!

Brother wants to look for Riding Jeans for he will give it to his boss. His boss loves to ride in a motorcycle. He also collects such automobile. It’s an expensive collection, right? Well, if it makes him happy and he can afford collecting it then let it be. 

By the way, I love collecting jewelries this year for investment. I hope I can collect as many as I can. It can be possible if I want and determined to gather all of that stuff. LOL! Wishing that hubby will give me a gold necklace on my birthday.

Goodbye 2012! WELCOME 2013!

Before anything else I would like to greet you all as “Happy New Year!”. Thank you and goodbye 2012! I hope and pray that this year will also be a fruitful year for all of us. I know we can finish 2013 with smile in our face if we only let God controls our life. We must trust God for everything. I’m happy to welcome “2013” with smile.