Friday, December 14, 2012

Thinking of the best Gift

Everybody is singing the Christmas song. There are 11 days to go before Christmas. Everyone is excited to celebrate it. They are rushing into the shopping mall to buy gifts for their loved ones, friends and relatives. Well, I will start buying gifts next week. I am saving bucks right now. In relation to this my friend is looking for lakland at Musician's Friend in which for sure he’s planning to buy a new one as gift to himself. Wow! That’s a great idea. I’ll for a gift to myself. LOL!

Let the Party begin!

Today I attended the Christmas party of my previous work. I was invited by my bff, who endorsed me in the company to be a temporary OIC due to she needs to attend the review for her to pass the board exam. I worked for 4 months in the company. I learned so many things. The manager is easy to be with so also with the CSR. Btw, I’m so full. They prepared much food. The roasted pig attracts me. LOL! Indeed, it was a wonderful day for me and my bff. We spent time together with her family. 

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Christmas is in the Air

We all know that winter season is present in European countries so also with Asian countries. It means they are experiencing the coldest season of the year. The days will be shortened then the nights will become longer. Surely, they will be wearing fur coats for sale to avail discounts from shopping mall. They will also be wearing thick clothes, jackets and sweaters. I have a student who does not want to go outside their house because it’s very cold. It’s cold in the evening in our place but not so freezing compared to their country. So, Christmas is in the air!

The attack of typhoon "Pablo"

Typhoon “Pablo” attacks Visayas and Mindanao. It was raining the whole day with strong wind. Many trees fall, flood and more in some places in Visayas and Mindanao. It’s sad because Christmas is coming then how can they celebrate it. Some of them slept in the road because there were no evacuation centers and schools due to it were lambasted by the strong typhoon “Pablo”. Because of this, my internet provider had a problem with their signal. I can’t work. I hope they can fix it asap.

No Way to Go there

Honestly, I don’t want to go to the hospital due to even if I’m not sick. I feel sick and weak because I can see patients who are suffering from pain. If only I can help them in their twinge. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to happen. You can see some hospital carts around plus injections that makes me pathetic. I hope and pray that God will give knowledge and wisdom to physicians attending their patients then the patients will be cured soon. 

Wednesday Treat

Krispy Kreme is one of my daughter’s favorite doughnut stores in town. Mickyla loves to eat sweet food. OMG! I hope she will not be diabetic. I make sure she will drink plenty of water after eating sweets. I’m happy because she listens to me. She’s an obedient child. Btw, I thanked her sponsor of these delicious doughnuts.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Christmas all over the World

I can feel the breeze outside which means Christmas is in the air. December is an expensive and busy month for us. I can say it is expensive because we will go to shopping mall to buy gifts for our friends, relatives and godchildren. OMG! I have many godchildren and now I’m crazy looking for sale in some shopping mall that will fit to my budget. LOL! It will be a busy month because there are lots of parties to attend to. I will surely gain weight. There’s event production I knew that offers good service. I will refer them to my friend.

You are safe in the arms of God

No classes today for preschool to high school students. It was suspended because of the typhoon named “Pablo”. It was raining the whole day and has strong winds. Good thing because it was no heavy rain. I thanked God for His mercy and love to us for all of us were safe. If only we will believe in God’s word that He will never leave us nor forsake us. God said and I believe it and that settles it for me. This is the song we sang last Sunday in our choir. I surrender everything to God because everything happens for a reason. This is some of the signs that God will be coming soon. Are you ready? You should be ready. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Looking for the Best One

Honestly, I don’t like the renovation in our house due to I am allergic to dust. I am suffering from allergic rhinitis now. I kept on sneezing, very irritating on my part. I hope it will be finish as soon as possible. I can’t take the dust anymore even if we are cleaning the house every day. Surely, it will be finish this 2nd week of December. MIL is planning to buy rattan outdoor furniture to be placed outside their house. I like it! It adds beauty to our house. I’m excited to go to furniture store this weekend. I hope we can find the best one that will suit to my MIL’s taste.

2 More Days to go

December is coming! It means the most expensive month is coming in our way. I have a wish list already and I don’t when to start buying gifts for them. Of course you need many funds for it. The problem is that I have no enough funds. But I’ll try my best to fit in my budget. I hope I can avail big discounts from the mall wide sale tomorrow. I have a work so I’m not sure if I can grab big discounts. Well, I’ll make a way for it. LOL!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

What we really want?

People want to sing and dance but it does not include in their talent. In short, we are not perfect wherein we can do everything because if God gave it all to us then we will be proud of ourselves. Even now that we are imperfect we are still proud. It’s not good. I love music though I don’t how to play any musical instruments but I want to learn. In relation to this I have a friend who is requesting me to accompany her in looking for superb dj speakers from guitar center in which she needed it in her job. I hope we can find one.

No Way, No More!

Why there are some times that you want to forget the bad past you had but still it lingers on your mind especially if you see people who are involved on your nightmare. I hate to say this; I don’t want to see them because it reminds me of what they did to me. But when I read the Bible, God promise that He will revenge for us. I trust God and I know his plan is perfect. I pray to God that He will obliterate it to my mind because it can make me weak and sad. It should not be because I have a great God. Thank you Lord. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stand Firm

Considering that you are new in your work, you should know how to adjust things. It’s hard but I know God is with me to help me overcome the challenges in this kind of industry. At first I am about to give up but why should I. I know I can do what they can so I should fight my weaknesses for me to be stronger whatever predicaments may come into my life. 

Btw, I saw some mold components in one of the famous store in our place. I bought it because mom needs it. That is one of the things why I went to the mall and unwind myself from all troubles I faced right now.

Our Little Girl's Wish

My daughter wants to have a new gadget this Christmas. She is much updated of the new high tech stuff. Well, it’s up to hubby because she deserved to have a reward for being on top 5 in all Grade two levels. Kyla maintained her high grades. We are proud of her. I hope and pray that she will always be included on top 10 honors in Grade two levels. I know she can do it, she’s smart like me. LOL!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Such Amazing One!

Obedience should be practice in all things because if you will do it then you will surely be in trouble. As a citizen we are obliged to follow the laws implemented in our country. I’m kind a serious! I experienced it, so we should obey because that can be the best step towards success. In relation to this I able to read federal labor law posters which is very interesting. I was amazed of its service. We are really living in a high tech world. So, we should deal with it then appreciate its advantages to us.

I love my FAMILY

Indeed, a wonderful holiday for us because we had our overnight stay at Mergrande yesterday for our Family Camp. It was fun and blessed by the word of God. It reminds us of our duty in the family. I surrender my family to you Oh Lord.

 Family Picture Cards

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Back to School?

Aunt wants me to go to school again then take nursing course because she will help me. She’s the admin officer of the big hospital in their place. Its good news but I don’t think I can handle myself from being a nurse. Perhaps after awhile I can manage it but I am not interested into it. Because of her excitement she showed to me the cherokee scrubs size chart so that I can choose the style, color and size that I want. Well, let’s see if hubby will allow me to go back to school again. I’ll just cross my finger. LOL!

Happier than Yesterday

I’ll repeat I’m happier now than yesterday because I able to know the truth about the feelings of my friend. I thought she’s angry with me. It’s a great relief to hear from her that she’s not upset with me but to the other one. She knows I love her. I treat her like my sister. I’m happy every time we chit chat or stroll on malls. If only I have much money then we will surely be strolling in the malls every weekend. Our friendship is true and I treasure it most. I hope it will not happen again. I can’t sleep if somebody is saddened of me.

Monday, October 08, 2012

The Sounds of Life

Being a musician is one of the professions I want for my daughter to be. I thanked God she loves music. Now, she knows how to play the keyboard. This coming summer she will have her piano lesson again. I hope this time her teacher will be my best friend. I am so proud of her for she knows how to play almost of the musical instruments. 

In relation to this hubby is looking for cool PRS for his guitar. I want to know how to play guitar but I have no time. I will give time for it because I can use it in our music ministry. I want to be involved in this ministry soon.

Qoute of the Day!

Some few reminders can help us to see the reality. It’s hard to accept but we need to be ready with it for us to move on or go forward because if we will not face it then you will be defeated. There is God who is willing to help you only if you will trust in Him. Every time I read God’s word, I am relieved from stress. It reminds me that there is God, a good provider and the powerful God who is the owner of the universe. 

I found this quote:
When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'. Erma Bombeck

Partner in Life

Hubby is planning to have monitor display stands because he needs it in his business. I am a supportive wife for I am his partner in life so also in business. I learned that we should prop up each other to be successful in all fields even if it’s complicated. We must trust each other’s ability then go forward. Don’t forget that your partner is God. Be honest in all of your dealings then God will bless your business. If we applied it in our life, for sure we will succeed. Let God be your partner.

God's wonderful Message

I was blessed by the word of God yesterday. I attended our morning and evening service. It was a whole day listening to God’s word. It is worthy because only during Sunday you can hear God’s word. It can help you a lot in your daily lives for it can give you inspiration. I am happy that I have time reading the BIBLE. It’s true that it is up to you if you want to read the word of God. Just give time in meditation. I pray that God will give me more knowledge in His word. I want to know more.

Olden Days

Collecting stamps are one of my hobbies long time ago. I can’t find my stamps right now because I left it in my Aunt’s house. I want to collect stamps again but few are sending letters anymore in the post office then delivered in your home. We are living in high technology world so it’s not useful anymore, right? But for me I am happy if I can receive a letter from a friend in foreign countries. Btw, I can divert myself from collecting half dollars coin like my friends do. I hope they will give me at least 1 coin for a start. LOL!

Don't Run Please

I am not feeling well today. I have running nose in which I kept on sneezing and had teary eye. I think my allergy attacks. I hate it because I can’t work. I need to rest like having long hours of sleep. My weekend is very busy. It should be my rest day but it did not happen. It’s fine, I know God will heal me.

I found these great tips from the internet. I tried it!

Vicks Method

1 Obtain a bottle of Vicks Vaporub, or something very smelly that is like it.

2 Rub a small amount under your nose. Your runny nose should go away. Also, this method works to get rid of a clogged nose.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Good Sign

Putting up a school is not that easy but it’s challenging. My friend is planning to build a school in their village. The students were preschool. I know financially she can handle it but there are a lot of things to consider in this kind of industry. I want to help her especially in marketing by giving promos and more to gain students. The school tables and chairs will be provided by her mom since they have family friend who has a furniture business. Wow! Everything is all set. This is the good sign to push through her plan. Go for it my friend.

Feeling Healthy

I’m happy that I am healthy right now. I feel it! I’m so thankful to God because this is one of my prayers, to be healthy. I do exercise in the morning then take a bath early in the morning before working online. I think I gain weight due to I eat much in dinner time. I must not eat rice. Well, I hope I can do it. I don’t want to get fat because I will suffer heartburn, it is hard to breath. I don’t want it to happen. I am planning to go to the gym near our house but I’ll ask my friend first so that she can join with me.

Monday, September 24, 2012


When we say beauty enhancement, I am in favor of it especially if I have extra money. LOL! But before that I opt going to a salon to pamper myself with a new haircut and my hair will be rebounded. With this, I am relieved from stress. Of course I’ll consult my friend a beautician for she is expert in making you more beautiful. I would like to try the best airbrush tanning system available in her salon. It will be exciting! I hope she is available this coming weekend.

It's a PROLIFIC week!

Yes! It was a prolific week! I’m so happy because I have lots of students last week. I enjoyed what I am doing for teaching is one of my passions. I hope and pray that I can have a regular student soon so that I will not be a sub teacher anymore. It does not matter for me now as long as I can teach the whole week. I can wait of course because that is the nature of my new online job. I thanked God because He answers my prayer. This is one of my prayers, to teach online. I pray for another productive week.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Great Designer

A friend of mine moves to their new house. Finally, they moved on last week. She bought new furniture for the living room. Then look for inexpensive bathroom vanities for their comfort room. Friend wants her house to be clean most especially the bathroom. She loves to decorate it, putting things that will add beautification to her home. I’m proud of her. Of course, if our new house will be build I will do the same. God will give it to us in the right time for God’s will is perfect. All we need to do is to wait patiently.

Honored, Glorified, Exalted

This song will be one of the pieces that we will be singing in our church anniversary this coming December. Its kind a difficult to sing but with God’s grace we can sing it correctly. We are practicing it right now. As I am singing this song, it touches my heart. I am about to cry. I love the song. I’m excited to sing it again. The pianist is my bestfriend, she played it appropriately. To God be the glory!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

I hope I'm not Dreaming

Who among you wants to have a swimming pool at home? I will be the first one to raise my hand because I love swimming in a pool. Second would be my only one daughter who loves to swim and play in a pool. Maybe it will be a dream for now but sooner or later we can have it according to God’s will. I love watching shows that tackles about the home of the celebrities because I can be able to get some ideas though it’s impossible as of now to happen but at least I have an idea. Some of them had ada pool lift that is very interesting. If ever I can have a pool at home I will have installed it too. Wow! It was such a dream comes true for us. LOL!

I am Proud Mom

My unica hija is growing fast. She is 7 years. Mickyla knows how to reason out, such a smart girl. She is Grade 2, small but terrible my dear. Every time they have program in their school I make sure I will be there watching her perform on stage and cheer her. That’s one of the duties of a mom. I give time for it even if I am busy at home. I see to it that we studied her lesson. I’m a working mom at the same time a full time mom. It was such a hard task but I able to manage it because God help me. Thank you Lord.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Loving Grandma

Hubby’s grandma has two washing machines, an automatic and a manual one. She rather use the old one than the automatic washing machine because grandma has no patience in waiting for it to finish the laundry. Unlike the old one, she can finish earlier. Well, yeah she’s right it takes time to laundry in the new one but very comfy and relax for you will just wait when it is finish. I think grandma is using the automatic washing machine due to the old one needs repair. There’s an appliance parts store in downtown area near to SIL’s office. She will go there during her break to ask some suggestions what to buy.

A day with my Unica Hija

It’s been awhile since I posted here due to I’m busy with my new part time job online. It’s tiring but I enjoy what I am doing. I need this job so I make sure I finished it on time. My bosses were so good to me. Part time job will be much better than full time because you can have more work plus you only work 4 hours a day. I still have time for my family especially to my daughter. 

Last Monday and Tuesday, its holiday which means no classes so we ended up playing in web cam and do photo shoot. I had fun those days together with my unica hija.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Sounds of Life

In our church we have an orchestra, I love hearing them playing different music instrument. How I wish I am one of them. It’s their talent, they offer it to God. To God be the glory my fellow believers. I know God is happy seeing them. Soon, my daughter will be one of them because she is having piano lesson at home. In relation to this, there is MF korg arranger which can help the music ministry. It will be a great idea to share to them. As a member of the family of God, I want to share my knowledge too. In this way I can be able to help the ministry. 

Saturday Again!

Saturday Picture Cards

Yeah! This is the day I can rest. I can wake up late but my daughter kept on asking me about her things. She is used of waking up early everyday because her class will start at 8 in the morning. Kyla will go to school at 7:30 in the morning so that she will not be late. It does not matter because I can take a nap in the afternoon today.

I love weekend anyway!

Stillness to Peace

Silence means “Yes” they say but it depends on the situation. People will not comment or keep quiet because they don’t want to have trouble. They kept silent and never talk to somebody. Honestly, I’m not like that due to I want to know the truth behind it. I and hubby are very opposite for he is a silent type guy. Sometimes I got pissed of him for he never speaks up the truth. True enough we are unique, have differences in principles in life. 

By the way, a friend of mine mentioned about contactless cards that is very interesting for it is a great help to credit card users. I better listen to her first for more understanding in this matter. 

Glimpse of Yesterday

..or should I say it was the glimpse of my past. It was mixed with sadness and happiness but because of these I learn from my mistakes. It cannot be back so better move on to being able to step on the next level of your life. The happiness inspires me to continue life for there’s a possibility that it will happen again. I believe that it will come again especially the blessings that I received from the past.

Remember this quote 


Thursday, August 02, 2012

Our Lil Angels Wish

Last week I had a chance to stroll on one of the big shopping malls in our place. Every time I and hubby stroll in malls, we usually dropped by on stores that sell electronics. My daughter wanted to have a PSP. Well, hubby thinks of it first because it has advantages and disadvantages. As a parent we should know the good thing that can give to our child. In short, we headed to stores that provides gaming accessories to check the price if it fits to our budget. Perhaps hubby will buy it next month, it depends on his mood. Let’s cross finger my dear.

Action speaks louder than Words

Last Monday I was rushed into the hospital near to us due to difficulty of breathing or should I say asthma attack. Sunday morning I was coughing and I know my asthma is there bothering me but still I ate fried chicken from KFC where we dined in lunch time then on the evening I prepared soup with egg. In the evening I can’t sleep due to coughing until early morning on Monday I can’t breathe. I think I’m going to die if I will not go to the hospital so I decided to go there at 4:30 in the morning. I thanked God they have complete emergency facilities. They provide a nebulizer to help me in breathing. Hubby is afraid to happen it again so he decided to look for a nebulizer for me. I did not expect that he is serious from buying it due to its costly. He went home with a nebulizer, I’m so touched. He love me and he care for me. Hubby is sincere in saying ‘til death do us part on our wedding day. I love you Nget.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Music in Heaven

Music is one of the passions of my little friends in our church. They love to play guitar, piano, violin and saxophone. When I hear them playing, I feel I’m in heaven with God because the lovely music they play during Sunday worship. One thing we need to have in our church are jbl jrx125 speakers so that people sitting in the back can hear what they are playing. I hope my daughter will continue her piano lesson this summer because I want to see her playing piano in our church. I’ll be proud more of her so also with the Lord above. 

Thy Word is my Strength

We had our monthly fellowship last June 24. I attended our Ladies Circle and it was fun. Our pastor gave a message entitled Spiritual Deterioration which is a reminder for us not to drift, doubt, not to be dull, despise and disobey God’s word. My Sunday is complete that day because I am so full with the words of God that makes me more alive and kicking. Only the words of God can give me strength to go on with my life, no matter it’s hard to deal in this world. God is there for me, for us so there is nothing to worry. All we have to do is trust God and believe in His word.

Healthiness Thing

Undeniably, few of us are concern of our health. The reality is we are simply abusing our health due to vices that is hard for us to let go but if you want to you can do it. Every month I see to it that our health insurance is paid fully because it’s a great help for us especially in hospitalization. I’m happy for the good news that almost half of the bill in hospital will be charge by the insurance company. I thumb up for their excellent idea. A friend of mine share to me about the umbrella insurance which is very interesting. I’ll tell hubby about this when he is home. 

It's PIZZA Day!

Last June 23, I had a date with hubby. It was Saturday, my day off from being a mom, nanny and a tutor to my 7 years old daughter. Hubby knew me; I love PIZZA very much especially the pizza at YELLOW CAB. I missed it! LOL! We dined at the new restaurant that serves PIZZA buy 1 take 1. The taste is not that superb like YC but it is still yummy. I hope our next pizza day will be at YC. 

Friday, July 06, 2012

Cousin's Big Dream

Cousin push through her dream to wear white coats which is in short she wants to be a doctor. That’s possible! She continues her doctorate degree no matter if it’s hard and tiring. My cousin is determined to finish it even if it takes long years. I know she can do it because cousin is a smart girl. Her parents are very supportive to her from moral and financial support so also with her siblings. Through this, cousin is happy with her career right now. I’m happy for you cousin, keep it up!

Time Passes By

It’s 2:03 in the afternoon; I want to take a nap because I think will faint. Later, I’ll do it I just want to post what I have done this week. As usual I am looking for job online because I’m bored at home. I need money also for my needs and wants. Whew! It’s so hard to be jobless for a year I guess. But I’m still thinking for a small business that can provide our daily needs. I have so many things in my mind but I don’t know what to choose and when I will be starting such small business. 

It’s not easy! But I will never give up because I have a great GOD.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's a DEAL!

Another week to face, a challenge to deal with that is what in my mind right now. I have so many things in my mind that I want to do but I don’t know where to start. A friend of mine suggests looking for a new venture. Whew! It’s hard to decide since the country is experiencing economic crisis. Good thing cousin propose to get involved in event planning which is his part time job but he earns much for this. I’m interested! We will talk again this weekend. I hope we can have a good deal with this.


Yes! I really hate them. They kept on biting me. They say maybe my blood is sweet. Somewhat true because when I got pregnant I have high sugar level. OMG! Our house is open to mosquitoes. One day I’ll spray all of them then they will all be gone! I can’t wait for that day to come. LOL!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Every day I read articles from a certain website for it adds up to my knowledge about some other things in the world. You can learn many things from doing this plus it can give you ideas. After that I read entertainment magazines which somehow get my attention due to I am interested of the pictures of their dream house. OMG! I super love it. How I wish I can be able to build my dream house very soon according to God’s will of course. 

It was amazing that one of my online friend used lag screws because it’s durable. His hubby repaired their closet for the whole day. At least they don’t need to call someone to repair it since her hubby knows how to do it. She’s lucky!

God has a Purpose

Sometimes we never know what will happen to us tomorrow if we will not wake up. I can say this because every time I am bored I am thinking too much of the future though I should not be worried because there is God who is ready to listen to our adversities in life. We should put in our mind that God will never give us a problem that we cannot solve. God gave us quandary maybe because we tend to forget to pray or ask Him. Let us thanked God for giving us predicament because of this we learn to lean on to God and makes us strong as a human being.

    Remember this quote.

Love of her Life

Even if my friend has no child, she is still happy because she has pets. Friend has many dogs at home. She takes good care of them like her baby. We are so opposite on that matter because I am not a pet lover because I have no patience in taking care of it not like her but we have pets in our house. I feed them but never to take a bath because I’m afraid to be bitten. LOL! 

Indeed, I found petsmart coupons for my friend since she had fun buying online. I’m pretty sure she will love this site because they have variety of pet supplies to choose from.

I missed my BF

When I found this friendship quote I decided to post it here. I missed my bestfriend. When we got married with our partner, we often see each other. I understand because we have a family to take care of. I hope someday we can have a date and chit chats. I really missed her company for every time we go to malls we will fit some stuff then never buy it. LOL! It was fun!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Those HS Days

Reminiscing those happy moments with my friends makes me feel young because I’m still in high school those days. I had fun with them and now I am missing them. I hope someone will plan for our reunion so that we can see each other. Some of them are professional, successful businessmen and happily married like me. One of them had a resort in their place. I’m planning to visit there soon. It came to my mind when I saw a raypak wherein connects me to him because his resort has a big swimming pool. Since it is still summer, we will go there soon.

I'm HOME finally

It’s so peaceful when you are home. I am relax today plus happy because I am with my daughter. I missed our bonding time. It’s been months that I have little time to play with her, hug and kiss her when we are in our bedroom. I saw in her face that she is happy because I’m finally home. Perhaps, it may take time before I will go back to my work, I mean to our business. As a wife, I’m a substitute to hubby’s work. That’s life! I am used of helping him since we got married. We helped each other’s endeavor.

Friday, April 27, 2012

My Romantic Cousin

I can say that not all men are sweet because some of them became bitter after the vow that’s what I observe from other men out there. My cousin is not like them and I am proud of him because he never change. Cousin became sweeter as the years go by. I hope until they get married his sweetness will not fade. I told him about the spark some romance with a gift for your girlfriend thing. He thanked me a lot because cousin is planning to give a surprise anniversary gift to her one and only love. It was such a perfect timing.

Lesson For the Day

One of our customer went back to us asking if she left her money in our business area. If there is I will surely return it to her because it is not mine. No one sees you but there is God up above looking at you. Honesty is the best policy, right? I believe in that saying. You must take good care of your personal belongings so that nothing bad or worst will happen to you. If possible we must avoid such thing to happen by simply taking care of your things especially if you have money in your bag.

EG Lover

Hubby love to collect electronic gadgets even if it’s pricey because he need it in his work as well as in his business. As a wife I support him in his endeavor. There is ritz camera coupons which fit to sis in law’s need due to she is looking for a digital camera to capture her precious moments traveling together with her friends. For sure hubby will assist her in finding the right one that has good quality and suits to her budget too.

Our Birthday coming! LOL! Last year we dined at Yellow Cab just the three of us. I told hubby I wanted it to happen again even if it will be late since he will be out of town in our birthday. We will be turning 31 this coming…secret! LOL! I don’t feel it. I don’t feel that I will be out of the calendar soon. I feel young. Many commented that I don’t look like my age though I am stress of course but there is still ways to overcome it and look beautiful.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tune it Up

Hubby’s uncle is a musician in foreign country. Last year he sent guitar for hubby and his nephew as advance birthday gift for them. Hubby is playing guitar since he is high school up to now. It runs in the blood. LOL! Bro in law is good in playing drums, perhaps their uncle will send ddrum Drums next month as what he had promise. They can create a band soon. I will be their number one fan of course. From that time my daughter will be their pianist since she is having piano lesson right now. Let’s start rock and roll!

Wedge Shoes Pls..

I need it badly! My old shoes will soon surrender. LOL! It is true. I often shop for shoes because I make sure I can use it all the time. I’ll look for it this week. I hope I can avail big discounts from some shopping mall. Gee! I’m so excited!

In a Perfect Time

I would like to have a pool party in our birthday. I and hubby have the same birthday, rare to find like that right? We are destined with each other perhaps. Soon, if we have built our dream house I will suggest having a swimming pool with an outdoor chaise lounge wherein we can relax or do sun bathing. That will be our next project. I hope and pray that there will be another big project for hubby to start the construction. We are constantly praying for it and we believe God will give it to us in a perfect time.

Just an Ordinary Day

Yes it is! I’m so bored here in our business area. There’s neither TV nor music that can ease our boredom. It is summer so few students were enrolled. Because of this, the business can’t survive the daily expenses. We have no choice that’s what business is, you have to deal with it due to not all the time you can gain profit.

Today, I’m not so bored because hubby bought my laptop for me to blog, surf in the internet and most of all to be able to log in to facebook. LOL!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Our Cinema

Two weeks ago hubby purchased a projector for personal use and for business too. We had fun watching movies there because we feel we are in the cinema. Undeniably, in cinemas it cost much plus you need to buy your snack while watching right? There is one thing we need it is wireless speakers in order to hear the sounds clearly just like in a cinema. Soon, we can build our own home theater. Its kind an exciting for us for it can ease boredom while you are at home.

Boring Holiday

Holy week is coming and yet we have no money. Whew! What a boring holiday for us. Perhaps we will have a movie marathon at home. It will be advantageous to us because we will not be spending much. Maybe this is not the right time for us to spend our vacation in other places. We will stay at home and have family bonding. That’s all! LOL!

To be in Tune

Today my daughter will be having her first day of piano lesson at home. She is so interested to learn how to play the piano. They are using the piano of my sis in law for the mean time. We will buy her own piano soon when she knows how to play it very well. Her teacher suggests looking for Hipshot Tuners if we want her piano to be in good tune even my hubby’s guitar. Well, let us see if it fits to our budget. For sure hubby will buy this one because he loves music so also with our daughter.

Our Unica Hija

Last March 25, it was Sunday. We celebrated the 7th birthday of my daughter Mickyla at Mac Donalds Matina. She is so happy with the party because most of her classmates and friends were present that day. Mickyla deserved to have a party like that because she excels academically. Though she will be our only one but Kyla is the best gift to us from God. We are contented with her.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Signs of being Old

Mom is old enough not to see clearly things. Because of this she needs to look for for eyeglasses wherein one of her friend bought an eyeglass here. Every time she wants to read a newspaper or magazines. Mom uses an eyeglass to be able to read it. Well, she is 50 years plus so there is no doubt that she badly need it, right? In the near future I may use one of it when I reach 50.

Answered Prayer

I thanked you Lord for answering our prayer. We are very happy. Even if this month is a busy one yet blessings come and go. We give back the glory to you Lord.

We prayed for months then God gave it. It’s true that if we patiently wait it will give it to you at the right time. This is God’s will, it’s perfect timing.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good news to share

Because of busy days I will be handling, I need a vitamins and food supplement to be able to survive for long days. Hubby need this too because he will travel for this month to far places plus he will be tired of completing the task. I’m not murmuring because this is a great help for us a great blessing for us. I’m so thankful everyday for this. There’s testoripped that my friend offered to my hubby. I made a research and it’s proven safe and effective. I will relay this good news to hubby when I’m home.

This is really is it!

Maybe this is it; my new career is to manage our business. I don’t know if I can do it but I asked strength to God. I started working last Wednesday, it was tiring though fulfilling because it is my first time but with God I able to perform my duty. I and sister in law did not know what to do. It was a cramming day for us but worth it because we have big sales. Because of that long day I slept straight at night. Whew!

New Home, new feeling

Our house is under renovation. Well it was sponsored by my MIL so it’s a great blessing. I and hubby are hesitant to accept their offer but it’s a blessing so we grab it. I found out that there is laminate flooring which fits to our room. I wanted to have a new floor of course for a change. I better search for the price if it suits to our budget. It adds beauty to our new home. All of us dreamed of a beautiful home, right? Even if it is costly it does not matter as long as we are satisfied with the result.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Poem of the Day

Though I’m busy
I’m thankful for this opportunity
For it knocks once so I grab it

At first, it’s not easy
But with God I able to manage it wisely
That’s the will of God

Because of happiness I felt I able to make a poem like this. I’m so thankful for these bountiful blessings. I pray that it will continue.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Perfect Gift for Her

My friend’s birthday is coming. I’m thinking what to give to her, something that is unique though she has everything she wants and needs. Obviously my friend is a rich girl but I know she will be happy if someone will give her a special gift. Perhaps cufflinks will be a perfect birthday gift for her. It can add to her collection for she is collecting accessories such as this. It’s final; this is my gift for her. I’ll look for it tomorrow after going to church. I hope I can find one.

Busy but Happy

Whew! What a busy week I have. It’s alright because it is an answered prayer. I asked the Lord to give me a part time or full time job. This is it! God gave it to me. I’m so happy! I have so many reasons why I need a job. I’m adjusting my time because my work consumes much time but no problem I know I can manage it. Thanks to you Lord.

Always Thankful For image

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

2012 Wish, Wish!

Business is what I need right now. I’m referring to have my own business but I don’t know what it is. I am praying to God that He will give me the desires of my heart. I’m confused and I need someone to talk to, which is God. Every time I have a problem I tell it to God not to anyone. In relation to this I saw a POS Hardware that catches my attention because it’s very useful in my soon to be business in God’s time. From this moment, I’m waiting for God’s answer before moving to my conclusion to avoid any regrets. I’m afraid I will fail but I trust God in this matter.

I missed Blogging

Since 2006 I am blogging until I able to earned from this. Maybe this is my work to become a blogger for a lifetime. I’m happy blogging things that I saw in the street, malls and more. Way back then, I see to it that I captured those moments in my digital camera then posted it in my blogs. Whew! I missed it. That’s why I’m back. I hope I can blog everyday but before that I’ll fix my blogs first by changing the designs of it.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Move on, Wake up!

Let him go if he comes back then you are meant to be.” That’s what I said to my cousin. I know it’s hard to ease the pain she’s suffering but if you will surrender it to God. God will be the one to heal your wounded heart. For sure it may take time to forget him but you should move on, life must go on. I suggested that cousin will try the Zyngle free online dating since she is single now. We never know you will meet your man in this dating website. It can help her forget the painful situation she’s handling right now. Stand up, your future is waiting for you.

February 1st

Myspace Love Graphics Quotes

Yeah it’s LOVE month! But every day is a love day for us not only in the month of February. Am I right? Yes I am! We should not only celebrate love month only. Of course you will not be happy if you are not in love with your partner. True happiness relies on you and your partner. Even if there are circumstances deal with it handles it with care to be able to overcome it. Let God be the center of your relationship then you can attain harmonious living.

Diamonds are Forever

Every day is a celebration, right? I am pertaining to lovers, couples and sweethearts. Both of us agreed to continue celebrating our anniversary when we are still lovers up to now that we are married because it is a special date for us. That’s the day we became honest to ourselves and the beginning of our love. Wee! LOL! Hubby is planning to buy anniversary diamond rings for us. I’m happy because he is thoughtful now not like before. Because of that I love him more and more.

Jan Wedding

Indeed a busy week has ended at last. LOL! It was a tiring week for us due to the preparation of the wedding of our pastor’s daughter. God showers so much blessing for them though the weather did not cooperate that day but the bride able to march in the aisles. The groom is very excited. What a sweet feeling they have for each other. I wish them beautiful marriage life ahead as they step on to the new level of their journey. Congrats RobJen!

Me and my bsprn Sweet

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grandma's Little Girl

Every time my daughter has presentation in her school. My digital camera is with me to help me record her dance because I want to have compilation on it as a remembrance. I’m glad there is youtube video downloader where I can easily upload her videos. MIL is always asking me to upload her photos and videos online. At least I found this one! Hassle-free for me right now because I can upload anytime I want. Surely, mom in law will be updated with my daughter’s event in school. Kyla is grandma’s one and only grandchild.

Simple Msg To a Friend

Are you ready to marry him/her? Well, if you say “yes”. Be open to changes and adjustment because every year is adapting each ones personality. You will know each other in your marriage years so be ready with it. No matter what happen, hold on with each other. Remember what you both promised to God, for better or for worst till death do us part. From the very start you choose her/him and prayed to God. Whatever happen he/she is God’s gift to you. Let God be the center of your relationship.