Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another Year For Our Church

Our church anniversary is coming, lots of preparation is needed. From shoes to outfit that will fit to the theme yet we never practice of wearing similar clothes for this special event. Next week would be the busiest of all because I need to give time on shopping spree to be able to find the perfect outfit to wear on that big day. Happens once a year, so make the most of it then choose the best clothes you can wear and enhance yourself to be more lovely. I will include men’s clothing on my list since hubby needs it. He is a picky person when choosing garments for him. I accompany hubby and be the judge on his selection likewise to me.

Am Ready!

Tiring to think of working same job regularly, so bored but what can I do? I need money nowadays since Christmas is coming, many individuals expecting for my present particularly my godchildren. Great feeling it will be when giving gifts to someone who became part of your life. You are a second parent to your godchild that’s why you have responsibilities for them like taking care and most of all loving them as your own child by simply treating them well. In times of need, you were there for them to help with an open arm to listen to their problem. I’m ready for that because I treat them as my extended family.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Diet Please

Last month I and my high school friends met at our gay friend’s birthday at one of the new bar in our place. Few are single because some of us are married already and has child. One of our friend will get married this coming December. For sure we will be there to witness her wedding. They were amazed of my figure because I maintain my body not like them who has gained weight even if they are single. If in case they want to lose weight then they must find for the best diet pills in some drug store which is proven safe and effective. Well, they might look for it because they don’t want to gained more weight.

A Gift To Myself

I’m planning to buy a microwave oven, an addition to my collection. And happy to hear that I have bonus but still praying that it’s true. If ever they will give it to me then I can buy a microwave oven. I’ve been longing for it since last year but unfortunately I was out of budget that time. Before the year ends, I can buy that one!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Take it or Leave it?

Worried about the incoming month of December, because it’s eating time! Lot’s of celebration to attend with tempting scrumptious food served by your loved ones. No one can say “NO” to mouth-watering food in front of you, right? Whenever I will gain weight before the year ends then I will look for weight loss pill that works rather than skipping meals. It’s not advisable so I will take what’s safe and effective to avoid any diseases that will harm me. I’m so conscious with my body figure but not to the extent that I will sacrifice my health, it’s a big NO for me.

Kyla's Closet

Confusing for me of what to buy first this coming December since shopping mall will surely have their Christmas sale. I’m agitated to avail the big discounts to their selected items most especially to branded stuff because I love collecting it every year. I am planning to buy a cabinet to be my daughter’s closet. Saving funds for it because that will be the first thing I will buy this Christmas.

Cousin's Wish

Blessings are coming on our way every now and I’m so thankful to God for always. I have list right now on what to buy this Christmas for my loved ones. It was such a good timing in which I can be able to give present to them since I tend to forget their birthdays. Guess what? My cousin wants cardigan sweaters because it is one of the saleable sweaters in the market today. Wish granted my cousin, just come to our house before Christmas. Hoping she will read this post of mine.


At first I don’t like eating “balut” because it has chick inside the egg. Every time the balut vendor will beep, I always ask if he has “penoy”. Few of them are selling “penoy”.

But now I LOVE BALUT, hubby taught me how to eat balut. After that I love the taste and starting to eat balut when I crave for it though it’s late in the evening.

How about you? If you haven’t taste it, then you must have!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Hubby's Assignment

Our kitchen needs repair, general repair due to there are damages. We cannot say that it will not fade its color and preserve the originality for we are using it daily. For now we need Grohe faucets to replace the current one because it has leak. Tiring to place a pale so that the water will not scattered at the bottom of the washing area. Gosh! I hate it. Hubby volunteered to look for it to replace the old one. Hardware stores have huge selections of faucet in different brands. For sure he can find one tomorrow.

Andok's at Bora

Andok’s is hubby’s favorite place to dine in Boracay. The food is cheap but delicious though I’m not contented with their rice not hot. Our first dinner at Bora was in Andok’s last November 1, 2010. Our breakfast at Bora was in Andok’s last November 2, 2010. Our breakfast at Bora was in Andok’s last November 3, 2010. Because hubby love fried chicken so also with my daughter, they will fly someday. LOL!