Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bro's Plan

Bro still wanted to have an internet cafĂ© in our village or in downtown area. He will be the one to manage it though the profit can’t be obtained rapidly. In a few months, you can get it if you can manage it well.

We are still waiting for a blessing; it will be coming soon in God’s time. I pray that God will hear our prayers. If that happens, he will need gaming desktop computers in his new venture. It is a great help for him because he will be building a family maybe next year.

New Venture

There’s so much to do that is stored in my mind. I don’t what to do first but one thing I know God slowly answers my prayer. I’m so excited to begin, it will happen soon. I know its God’s will because I prayed for it. At least I will not be bored at home. I can still have income of course in which I needed so badly since Christmas is coming very soon. I have godchildren names lined up on my list. I hope I can grab big discounts from Christmas Sale in some shopping malls.


Love is in the air with my so in love cousin. Lol! Cousin will be getting married soon and the big day will be happening next year. Since the natal day of her sweetheart is coming, she’s looking for boyfriend birthday gift that will surely give a big smile to him. Every thought counts even if you think it’s cheap. If it’s heartily given then it’s worth receiving by the recipient, right? That’s what I told cousin. I’m expert when it comes to giving, loving and etc to your special someone. So, better listen to me.

What's Up?

Semester break is coming for my daughter. There’s no plan yet but her old classmates in BATA invited her to go to Abreeza Mall to play at Dave’s play house. That’s a good idea at least she will not be staying at home for a week. For sure Kyla will be happy with this. She can dine again in her favorite food chain at Go Nuts Donuts. Well, she deserve a treat because she got high scores in her 2nd Prelim Exam. Keep up the good work, Kyla.