Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Conscious Woman

After I have my miscarriage I feel I’m heavy. My pants are hard to fit. Gosh! I hate it. I must need to go on diet because I don’t want to get fat. Heartburn will I feel if I gain weight so I better push through my diet plan by not eating my dinner then have self-discipline to be able to achieve my desired weight. Before I’ll start it I’ll read lipofuze reviews first to get some idea on losing weight. Few of my friends are taking diet pills for a speedy result. Let’s see if it works for me.

Bad News

..because three Filipinos were punished in China. Different comment you may hear from people around the world. But we citizens must follow the law of our country even if we feel it’s unfair; remember we must be a good citizen of our nation. Before you get the offer think of it first if it can put you to danger or not. Perhaps this will be a lesson to all of us. We must work legally and avoid being involved in illegal doings.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Loving Aunt

Health is Wealth” the word I heard from my mom because sometimes I sleep late at night. We must sleep at the right time to avoid any diseases that we may encounter when we get old. Just like my Aunt who died last year, kept on eating fatty and sweet foods. Mom remembered that her daughter requested mom to accompany her to buy a medical step stool because Aunt need it. Even if Aunt is hard headed, we love her because she is generous and so loving to us. You are always in our hearts Aunt.

Off to a party!

Yeah! It’s my friend’s birthday today. She invited us to go to their house because she prepared for a dinner. Gosh! No diet for tonight. For sure I can’t resist scrumptious food in the table.

I wish her more birthdays to come. God will continue to bless her and her family. God will give her good health always.

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Boys Of My Life

Since my bro’s birthday and my hubby’s birthday are coming. I am planning to buy them a blac label clothing that my friend is offering to me in a big discount if I’ll buy 3 pieces or more. Friend told me that it’s saleable in the market today due to the quality of the clothing that is worth buying for. It’s been a year the last time I gave presents to these men maybe this is another right time for me to buy such branded garments. I’m confident that they will like it.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Timer Starts Now!

I can’t sleep I don’t know why but I am fainting right now. Maybe I am hungry I need a break, kitkat! LOL! I have bread in our table and a water to drink. That’s enough for me I am on diet right now. I heard I’m fat! I don’t like it. I need to be serious with my diet plan or else my clothes will not fit. I have no plan to buy bigger size of course, that’s a bad news for me. LOL!

They need us

Foreign countries are suffering right now especially in the Middle East. Our nature is angry and it’s pay time back because people destroyed it. Lots of questions have been asked but remember what you have done good to your nature. Is there any? If you have then enumerate and expound, all of us were guilty of this. There are medical assistance program offered in some affected countries. It’s very helpful to them because they need it badly. Let’s pray for them.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Reality..

I decided to work early today because I’m planning to go to downtown later this afternoon. Because of this, I can be able to finish my work earlier. I hope so! I have things to do before it will expire. This time, I need money to save for my daughter’s birthday and her enrollment. Gosh! I don’t know how to start saving since I have payables waiting for me. Bills are coming! We need to pay them or else we will suffer. That’s reality because we exist.


What's On My Mind?

Nothing to do yesterday so I research for a business that suits my interest. It came to my mind to put up a tutorial services partnered with my sis in law in our village since there are several schools around the village. Good thing, all were private school wherein some parents opt to enroll their children in a tutorial services due to they have no time to teach their kids at home. I’m planning to have a document scanning services too. Surely, some homeowners needed it too. I’m still praying for it and waiting for God’s answer.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

My Bday Wish

I’m currently using my hubby’s mobile phone because my cell phone is not good in getting signal. I wish I can have a new cell phone before my birthday comes. It’s impossible to happen at this moment because we spent much last week due to unexpected incidents. We are not prepared yet God provide us. Thank you Lord.