Sunday, February 16, 2014

Jewelries and more...

After our church service, my sister-in-law asked me to go with her to shop for fashion jewelry. She will be using it in the coming wedding of her best friend. So after we had our lunch here at home, we headed to Abreeza Mall and one by one visited jewelry shops around the mall. Some stores had great designs but had great price too, and it is way beyond my sis'n'law's budget. 

We just roam around stores and after a number of shops we visited we found the one that suits her choice and budget. So she fitted it, and just like magic it was very elegant and so fit on her. She bought it right away and kept it. We dropped by a food chain to have some snack and as we go home she was happy because she got what she was looking for.

A House Wife

The past week was so exhausting because hubby is not around and I should do household chores by myself. From cleaning our living room, dining room and up to our kitchen. I am not new in this situation, I was trained by my parents doing those things but I'm just a human, I get tired. Hehehe.. Good thing that sometimes my mom visits me and help me on some of my tasks. Before we had a house helper it was a great relief but she also gave me a problem because there are times that she lie to me and asked a permission that she'll go home because her mom was sick but later I knew from her sister, she didn't went home instead she went to his boyfriend's house. Bad, because whatever happens to her, she's is my responsibility while she was staying in our house. That is why we prefer not to have a house helper for now.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Music, then and now...

Because my husband loves music and musical equipments, I am now familiar with that instruments and musical equipments. My friend told me about crown xls at guitar center and when I viewed their products, I'm so impressed with the quality of the product and it's price. 

Before, I used to go with our pastor's wife and our church technician in buying equipments to be used at our church and I observed that more and more affordable quality products are available in the market right now not to mention their good quality. Compared 10 years ago, music gears and equipment are very expensive, it's very rare to find an affordable product with good quality. That is why musicians now are so lucky with the available products on the market right now.

Local Bank and Paypal

I'm so pissed with my bank today. They cancelled my account which I am using to withdraw my paypal funds. But fortunately, their agent gave me an option to apply for a new account to be used for my paypal, so it was a relief. I now learned a lesson about this bank account issues, you should be responsible enough to pay on time their dues and service charges so your account wouldn't be closed.