Friday, July 15, 2011

Time is Gold

Almost of the house in US are carpeted, they might need carpet cleaners raleigh nc to help them clean their house. Just like my friend who purchased awhile ago. She admits that it is a great help to her since friend has a baby to take care. She does household chores alone. When her baby is sleeping then that’s the only time she can clean the house. I experienced it when my child is still a baby, so hard to manage your time. Thanked God, I’m done with it.

Chillax Jill

It will be a busy week for me. Next week will be the exam week of my daughter. We are studying her lessons today. I hope she can get perfect score. I know she can do it, if she will not be on a hurry to answer her test. Sometimes, my daughter is careless for she is lazy reviewing it. Later on she will realize that she’s NFI. Oh no! I hope it’s not. I’m stress. After this, I’ll take a massage spa that’s a promise to myself. I badly need it even now.

It's better to Share

I’ve known a person that used to collect gadgets or electronics. When there are new gadgets in the market he make sure that he can have it. Well, he can grab everything because he has lot of money. As of now he is looking for ps3 keyboard in some electronic store available in all shopping malls. I told him share your blessings to us especially your ps2 for my daughter. He just laughed. Surely, he will give it to me when he is bored playing with it. I’ll pray for it. LOL!

I feel It!

I had a great feeling with my hair, Guess what? It is rebounded already at least I can see the new haircut style. My hair is wavy but when it is rebounded of course it will be straight. I love it! Thanks to my beautician for almost 3 years. I’m not sure.