Friday, October 31, 2008

Ladies Fellowship in Tagum tired today because we attended the Ladies Fellowship at Tagum City. I just arrived at home and I was really so tired. I will take a bath first then sleep. I am full because we ate at BANOKS in Tagum City before we went home.

Indeed, it was successful and had fun with our fellow Christians from other places of Mindanao. I was blessed by our devotion in our group because it is all about THE BENEFITS OF FORGIVENESS. I like their theme because we must forgive those who trespass against us as Christ did for us. He forgave us our sins.
Here are some photos..

Banoks Ladies

Smile to the max! hehe..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Kate Hudson an American girl who was one of the finalists on the third season of the reality or talent search TV series American Idol.

What’s the latest news about her?

Julian King her nephew had been missing since Friday when Hudson’s mother, Darnell Donnerson and brother Jason Hudson were shot to death in their home. The 7 year old son of Hudson’s sister, Julia, was staying with Darnell at the time of the murders. It was in the discovery has led investigators to believe that he might already be dead though the identity of the body has not yet been confirmed. It was found in a car believed to be owned by Jason Hudson. It was found a few miles from where Julia’s husband, Julian’s stepfather was arrested on Friday. He remains in custody and is currently being questioned by police regarding the murders.

Monday, October 27, 2008

If I am ANGRY..

ANGRY means..

1. feeling or showing anger or strong resentment (usually fol. by at, with, or about): to be angry at the dean; to be angry about the snub.
2. expressing, caused by, or characterized by anger; wrathful: angry words.
3. Chiefly New England and Midland U.S. inflamed, as a sore; exhibiting inflammation.
4. (of an object or phenomenon) exhibiting a characteristic or creating a mood associated with anger or danger, as by color, sound, force, etc.: an angry sea; the boom of angry guns.

What will you do if you are angry?

I will confront her/him. I will tell her/him what is inside of me because after that I am relieved.

I am the person that if I am angry with you I will not talk to you nor care to look at your face. My anger will disappear for a long time because I want you to know that I am angry with you. That’s me.

How about you?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mad Day!!!

I look like this today..!!!

Why there are people who are hard headed. Well, regrets never come in the start but in the end. There this person I know which I do not know if he is abnormal for he thinks so immature. How I wish he will change for the better because I can longer take his attitude. Not to mention his name so that he will not be offended nor get angry with me. I am vocal because I want him to know that he is wrong and I hope he will listen to me this time. Only God knows who he is not me. :(

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'll Attend..

Today I am planning to attend our Wednesday Prayer Meeting because my tutees had their intramurals this week. I missed hearing God’s word because during Sunday I am with my daughter Kyla. I accompany her in her Sunday school classes. She wants be by her side. I hope when she is schooling I can leave her there so that I can listen to the preaching of our Pastor.

I am planning that next year I will not be a tutor because I will be a tutor to my daughter Kyla. Hubby wants me to teach her rather than teaching other children. I will do it! ;)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is a American actress, model and pop music singer. She started in show business as a child fashion model for magazine ads and TV commercial. At the age of 10, Lohan began her acting career in a soap opera. At the age of 11, Lindsay made her motion picture debut by playing identical twins in Disney’s 1998 remake The Parent Trap.

But what is this bad news about her that she is a lesbian. Watch this report..

Monday, October 20, 2008

Thank you Lord..

I thank God for this day because I can take a nap in the afternoon for I am finished with my laundry. All I have to do is update some of my blogs because I am busy last week. I missed blog hopping and reading other blogger’s post.

I’m happy today because God answer our prayers. Kyla has no fever. She is not weak right now. Now, I am not fret. I hope God will give her good health always. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I want to wear that!

..just wanna greet all of you a.. - happy day comment graphics

Yeah! I have a great weekend because I shop. I love shopping anyway. LOL! But sad to say I have not grabbed the promo of Flip Flop that sells original Havaianas. Gosh! The line is too long and so I just buy a new pair of jelly slipper that is worth P 179.00 only. But I am planning to go to SM tomorrow to see if there are still available. LOL! But it depends only if I will not get lazy tomorrow. LOL!:)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Happy Sunday!!!

Have a Great Sunday all! We went to church this morning and again we are late because my daughter wakes up so late. Every Sunday I am irritated with them (hubby and my daughter Kyla) because they are so hard to wake up. I will always get mad every Sunday because of them. I hope and pray that we will not be late again next Sunday.

After going to church we (my mom, my bro, hubby, Kyla and I) went to SM to eat our lunch and stroll. My daughter requested it to his father because I know she want a new toy from Toy Kingdom na naman. Well, I let her choose a cheaper one because I think she has the entire kitchen utensils toy. Then after that we went home and sleep.