Monday, March 17, 2014

Formula 1 Grand Prix - Philippines

I am so curious about what F1 or Formula 1 racing is all about. My daughter Mickyla and her father are both fan of it. Mickyla, knows the names of the top racers on F1 and she even know what team the player belongs. Her top three favorite drivers are Fernando Alonso of Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing and Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes. Mickyla also knows the F1 Legend Michael Schumacher even he is not on the top of the grid now. On the latest race in Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia, they watched it together from practice, to qualifying and up to the race day. That was one of their bonding activity.

 Mickyla - Playing F1 Racing on PC

Mickyla and her father also plays F1 racing on pc together. They race with each other and they were so happy doing it. I am left behind and cannot relate on their activity. I want to know more about Formula 1 racing so I can join them and become an F1 racing fan too.

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