Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy to share..

I got the $30 opps yesterday! Gosh! I'm so happy and I don't want to sleep though its midnight here in the Philippines. When you grab that high paying offer, you will decide that you will sleep because it is a big amount. But me..I don't want to sleep because I think there are many opps for me to wait for awhile. It makes my eyes widen when I saw opps in white color. Then I'll wait if it turns to gray because there is a possibility that it will turn to white. Gee! Thanks PPP!

Look who is here.. :)


BeverLy's Secret said...


Sweetiepie said...

wow congrats!

rian said...

hello,,, can I joined refferal with you?

Etavasi said...

Wow.. may i know what site is this ..:) i like be your refferal..
:) nice congrats to you

Etavasi with
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