Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friday's TRIP

Hi! To all who visit my blog here. I’m so sorry if I haven’t had a time to visit your blog due to I am here in Manila for summer vacation. I’ll be home on May but I make sure I can post entry though it’s very often. Thanks to all who leave a message on my tag board and commented on my post. I appreciate it. I miss blog hopping you know but “babawi ako sa inyo..sooooooooon”.

I have a great stay here. Last Friday we went to Manila Zoo. Gee! I like the place because I saw a big elephant waiting for the people to give him a food. There’s a gorilla which is old and it has a kitten on its hand. Gorilla kisses the kitten and hug. It’s amazing you know. I saw a zebra, tiger, owl and many more. I’ll post photo soon as soon as I’m in Davao.

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