Monday, May 12, 2008

Friday Trip in Tagaytay

Last Saturday..we went to Tagaytay. It was a nice cool place. I enjoy taking photos on some beautiful views there. I also bought a Tagaytay souvenir shirt for a proof that I went there. We ate lunch at the market place. They have so many "baka" in their market. We sip a warm "nilagang baka". Then, we try their home made "espasol". I and sis in law thought that we can bring it to Davao but it has "gata" and so it will spoil. We ate dinner in a classy restaurant. Gosh! all of the customers were obviously rich. Then, we headed to the hotel where we stayed in.

I'll post photo later here..

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Lou said...

Hi friend, visiting you here! Hope you can come by...