Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shopping Galore

Yesterday, the three of us went to NCCC mall. I bought my new dress and skirt. I shop a blouse for my mom as my birthday gift to her. I also bought a USA Sports t-shirt for my brother because they have 50% discount. I definitely grab it! Kyla has a new Barbie school shoes now. For the first time hubby bought a branded rubber shoes from Adidas. It has 10% discount. Gosh! He will buy shoes once in a year or more.

One thing I want to buy right now is a laptop. I am saving for it. I hope and pray that God will give it to me so soon.

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Rmadison said...

I think basketball is a great sport. Everyone should practice and play often. Ping pong is also fun. It gets kids out of there rooms and gets them active. Every kid should play sports.