Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do People Like You?

People Really Like You!

You're simply a great person, and most people who meet you realize it right away.
You're kind, interesting, outgoing, friendly, and polite.
Your friends are lucky to know you. You're a joy to be around.
You are definitely well liked by almost everyone. You're a very popular person!

What People Like About You:

People like that you give them support and strength. Friends know that they can count on you to be there for them.

People like that you don't gossip or talk poorly of others. They trust that you will speak positively about them too.

People like that you can defend what you believe in calmly and rationally. You stand your ground and gain respect.

“Really??? Well, I am friendly because when someone sits beside me I talked to them. I happened to interview them plus get their trust to share their thoughts for certain thing. At the end, we will know each other’s name before we separate our ways. Funny but its true that is why I find myself FRIENDLY.”

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