Monday, April 25, 2011

Boring Long Weekend

Last week was a boring week for me because hubby is so slow in making a decision. I’m planning to go to the beach and we will have an overnight stay there but not in our place for I knew numerous people were there since its Holiday. We went to 5 beach resorts the two were close last Friday and the other 3 was no available rooms for overnight stay. I’m so pissed of so what I did was had a movie marathon with my daughter. Then after that browse in the internet, looking for an airline promo this summer but unfortunately I did not find any. Whew! I accidentally bumped at cohiba cigars for sale wherein the favorite cigarette of my long lost grandpa. Started to reminisce our bonding together with my other cousins, so sad but I know HE is in God’s hand right now. See you soon my loving grandpa.

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