Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Singing Contest

A Christmas party was held last night at our village and there was a singing contest, there were several contestants that had joined. It has a 2 categories for Teens and Adults. Each category has 3 contestants, male and female. As I watch the contest, I was listening attentively and noticed something is not right. Though the contestants has a great voice, it doesn't sound that good on the speaker monitors. They hit the low and high notes and seems I believe they can sound way better it was. 

Later the next day I learned from the organizer, they used an ordinary microphones. There I concluded that maybe that was the cause of the sound not being too good that night especially on the singing contest. I told them that next time they should use a good sounding  dynamic mics and they can buy dynamic microphone at Musicians Friend. I let them try my dynamic mic that morning and yes, it sounded way better than the one they used on their singing program that night.

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