Sunday, February 16, 2014

A House Wife

The past week was so exhausting because hubby is not around and I should do household chores by myself. From cleaning our living room, dining room and up to our kitchen. I am not new in this situation, I was trained by my parents doing those things but I'm just a human, I get tired. Hehehe.. Good thing that sometimes my mom visits me and help me on some of my tasks. Before we had a house helper it was a great relief but she also gave me a problem because there are times that she lie to me and asked a permission that she'll go home because her mom was sick but later I knew from her sister, she didn't went home instead she went to his boyfriend's house. Bad, because whatever happens to her, she's is my responsibility while she was staying in our house. That is why we prefer not to have a house helper for now.

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