Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lord's Day today

Today is Sunday. It’s Lord Day. Well, of course we went to church this morning. I want to hear God’s word but I need to accompany my daughter in her Sunday school. I hope she will be independent so that I can be able to hear God’s word every Sunday because I feel empty. That is why I make sure that I go to church every Wednesday our prayer meeting to hear God’s word. I hope and pray that the weather is good and that it will not rain.

After going to church we headed to SM to eat our lunch at KFC (hubby’s favorite fast food). Kyla was so thrilled to go to TOY KINGDOM to buy a new toy again. Gosh! She has so many toys here. Hubby let her choose what she wants and then she picks up the camera toy with plastic watch of Disney Princess. She is a spoiled brat huh to her Papa.

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