Tuesday, July 01, 2008

MIL Surprise us!

Mama Lolit and Kyla

We are all surprise when mom in law arrived last Sunday. She used to surprise us. We miss her a lot. I thanked God for she came here in Davao safe though it’s raining last Sunday. Sis in law texted me and ask me if we will go home because it is already late still we are here in my mom’s house. I replied that we will not go home because I am not feeling well that day because I am having running nose again. But mom in law wants to see my daughter Kyla and so I requested my sis in law to fetched her if it’s fine for her because I have pending opps to finish. When the rain stop I let my bro to escort my daughter of going home because I know it took me so many minutes to finish my opps. After a couple of hours, I went home and saw my daughter and mom in law sleep together in our sala. I did not get Kyla and so I sleep at our room for I am sleepy.

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