Monday, August 04, 2008

My Great Weekend

Last Saturday I and Kyla went home just nearby in my mom’s house. I missed our bedroom because we stayed in my mom’s house for almost 3 weeks due to Kyla is sick and my hubby’s brother has German measles which is contagious. We are afraid that Kyla can get it because kids can easily get sick. Hubby wants us to go home but he agreed on us to just stay here for a while to prevent such contagious diseases. Gosh! I don’t want my daughter to get sick for she cannot control her temperature and may lead to seizure.

We hurry to go home because we miss hubby’s family so also with our bedroom. I change our pillow case and bed sheet. We sleep late at night because we watch “Maalaala mo kaya” which is now aired on TV every Saturday after Pinoy Dream Academy. Well, we are certified KAPAMILYA.

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