Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our Special Day Today

Every 13th of the month is our special day. That lucky day was the time when we confess to each other that we are in love with each other. Its sounds “clich├ęd or corny” but it’s true. They said that number 13 is a bad number but for us it is a lucky number. In fact it’s Friday the 13th huh..I’m not joking. I ask my bf and now my hubby to move our special day to 14 but he disagrees because he does not believe on the hearsay. It’s all folks he said. Well, at first I am afraid but now I believe that God set that day for us.

Btw, this coming December 22 is our 5 years Wedding Anniversary. We both want to go out dinner or go to a resort and have an overnight stay there. But we are still planning for that special date. I always thank God for my family because they are my great treasures in this world.

I just want to greet my hubby.

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