Friday, May 21, 2010

TY Mr. G

Page Rank amazed this morning when I checked my page rank in this blog entitled “My ePaper” that is PR3. Gosh! I did not expect. Because of my excitement I post it in the right side of my blog under my “About Me”. Fyi, this is my first blog. I had abandoned this blog of mine for a month because of my offline job. I have no time to post an entry but now I promise that I will maintain this blog of mine. I love this blog!


Lylamanesha said...

Hey, way to go!:)Type in your blog is yours!:)

Greeting: Lylamanesha

My blog:

Ria Jose said...

PR 3 is good! Congratulations!

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Hope to see you at one of our events soon. Happy blogging! :)