Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Few Strategies for Creating a Happier You and a Happy Marriage

* Like yourself.
* Be yourself.
* Be nice to one another.
* Show mutual respect.
* Be supportive of each other.
* Agree to have fair fights.
* Each evening, share with one another three happy things that you noticed during the day. Talk about why these moments of happiness occurred.
* Both of you write down how you want to be remembered. Talk with your spouse about how the way you are living your lives helps or takes away from what's important to you both.
* Make a list of things that make you happy such as a sunny day, a hot bath, a child's laugh. Create ways to include these happy times in your life more often.
* Do a random act of kindness not only for a stranger each day, but also for one another. Don't talk about these acts of kindness with one another. They are for your own personal self-esteem and growth.
* Fill your own emotional needs.
* Compliment and affirm your spouse.


TheIndian said...

good one... i dont like taking advices.. bu this is more than advice..

Anonymous said...

that's too good to be our relationship as husband and wife, that's too impossible for us to have a good talk,,,often he drop the topic and leave hurting comments...its ok...people arent perfect...but what your blog says, it trully my ideal way of handling a marriage...what is a good strategy if i married the wrong man?...