Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Get Away

What a great weekend we got. Our family had an outing at a resort in Talicud Island Samal. We woke up early in the morning and jump off heading to Sta.Ana wharf where there is a boat bound to that island. Many Island goers too are present at the wharf also waiting for the boat. Families, group of friends, office mates are among those I saw that are out to have fun in the island. When we arrived at the resort, the first thing I noticed was the clean white sand and its pristine waters. Right then I wanted to jump off the boat, dip and join the colorful fishes that welcomes us.

We had our lunch at the beach front, it was so relaxing watching and hearing the water while eating sumptuous sea foods under the coconut trees. The resort staffs are so kind and hospitable. They prepared our food and the rooms where we will be staying. Resort fees and charges were so reasonable not to mention the freebies they gave us on our stay. If I'll be having a visitor or maybe the next time we'll be having a long holidays, I'd love to visit the same resort again.

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