Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yesterday's FUN

I am so sleepy yesterday because I sleep 1:30 am. I try rephrasing the articles given by my cousin. I'm so thankful about her feedback because she said "Ok na te..ayos masyado..keep it up!". I like it because it exercises my writing skills by constructing a sentence and so also the grammar.

I went to downtown in the afternoon to pay some bills. I deposited some amount of money to my BDO at SM. I am happy that they are open until 7 in the evening and so they offer quality customer service to all.

I and hubby eat lunch at 3 in the afternoon at KFC. It is our favorite fast food. They have delicious combo meals with affordable price. It really fulls your stomach.

After that..I went home because I am so sleepy and need some beauty rest..hehe..:)

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